Upper Orange Resevoir

On the way to and from the meeting house this morning I had a chance to try out the new Fuji FinePix E900 digital camera some more. It was partially sunny on the way in and I got this splendid panorama of the Upper Orange Reservoir. The snow was beautiful on the lake ice and the trees and the sky was blue with wispy clouds – exquisite. Click on the image above to view a 3,000 pixel wide version. I built this pan from five nine megapixel shots I did on manual from the Reservoir Road in Orange town. In Photoshop I equalized the color and lighting and then hand stitched the images together. I enjoy making and looking at pans, there is so much detail and so many things to see. In the full 12,000 pixel wide panorama you can clearly see the actual window of the houses on the hills across the lake – that’s detail! This is my first composite, my first panorama with the new camera.

Wednesday of this week we finally lit our first fire of the year. We heat with wood which makes a lot of sense given our resources. Getting ready for that first fire of the year means cleaning the chimney, inspecting it and the furnace, making any repairs, etc. This year the pipe from the wood furnace to the chimney needed replacing, a fairly simple task. Then we do a small fire of crumpled up newspaper to test the system and get everything dried out and warmed up. After a few of those we are able to safely start real wood fires that warm the house. Will and Ben are old enough now that they both help tend the fire. It is a wonderful thing to be out working on the hill and see the smoke rising from the chimney – it means a warm house, dry boots and gloves. Now we can switch from the outdoor cloths line for the wash to the indoor cloths rack for drying. Just in time for winter.

Low 18째F, High 27째F, 1/2″ Snow, Partially Sunny


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2 Responses to Upper Orange Resevoir

  1. Hick says:

    I am soooooo envious of your camera. I have dial-up so it was taking too long to download your pan…but the little bitty one I have is Bee-utiful! I’ve been looking into a 7 mega pix…I have 3 right now and the detail is ptooey! You lucky duck!

  2. Mark V. says:

    That photo is simply gorgeous! I feel like I am there when I viewed the full size image. Thanks for taking me along to visit. You have a fun blog

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