Bradford Mill Falls

These are the dam mill falls in Bradford, Vermont which is about fifteen miles down river from us to the east.

Low 27째F, High 42째F, Rain all day, 4″ Snow in the evening and still going.


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3 Responses to Bradford Mill Falls

  1. pablo says:

    So this waterfall is not something you crafted in your spare time, right?

    I probably won’t get to visit tomorrow, so let me wish you and your fine family a wonderful holiday now!

  2. *grin* Don’t I wish I had built something like that! :) It is a beautiful waterfall. The rocks and tumbling water are pretty increadible. Nothing like the Niagra Falls I suppose but still impressive and I can get a lot closer to this one more often. :)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Pablo, and everyone else!

  3. abe/happy says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Walter, and those falls are truly stunning even if they are only small.

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