Procrastinating Sunrise

This morning we were greeted by the sun with a splendidly colorful sky. Sunrise is getting later and later each morning. Fall construction projects will soon becoming to an end. Every year we push the season to the max trying to get one more big outdoor project done. I was wondering why we do this. Why don’t we just get started on them earlier in the season. Why do we wait until the end. Then Holly reminded me that we’ve been pushing since spring, since before the snows were even gone. We did start earlier on all the projects already completed and there are many for this year. It just seems like we’re late because we keep pushing new projects right up past when the snow flies.

The ground is now staying firm all day long and the nightly dusting of snow is sticking to the ground. We’ve had snow under foot continuously for a while. I had hoped it would melt and we would miraculously get another month to finish things up but I doubt that will be the case. Besides, I never do finish things up for the year – I just add something more to the project list as long as the weather holds and a bit beyond. :)

“Ask not what your country can do for you but what you might do tomorrow.”

Low 21째F, High 27째F, Overcast to Sunny, Snow 0.5″


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5 Responses to Procrastinating Sunrise

  1. That is beautiful. 70 degrees F here at 1:00 pm.

  2. PV says:

    Wow!!! Splendid sight! I never see the sunrizes.

  3. This picture is gorgeous! It’s make a beautiful wall-paper!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it!

  4. ho says:

    Strange-or maybe not ? that your thoughts about why there allways will be more to be done than snow-free ground to do it on… are the same as mine on my small farm, at 70′ N, on “top of Eurpoe”, at the border between Norway and Finland… Well, with only 10 cm snow an minus 5 C there might be some projects I possibly cold finish…On the other side the sun has left us for this time and there is not many hours of daylight. NOW I have to realise that the painting of my house will not even get started this year !

  5. Soham Das says:

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