Mystery Photo 2005-11-15

We came out one morning after a hard freeze and a light dusting of snow to find this mystery…

After you’ve thought about it, click on the picture to check your answer.

Low 33째F, High 62째F, Mist, Snow, Rain.


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9 Responses to Mystery Photo 2005-11-15

  1. ranch101 says:

    Loved the picture. I got it right. Helps that I’ve seen similar duck prints (minus the snow) around our place :) Your captions on the big pic were great!

  2. Lené Gary says:

    Never seen duck prints before. Very funny.

  3. abe/happy says:

    Looks like no-ones having a guess Walter ~ I thought of something, but I wasnt even close :)

  4. Not to leave a *fowl* comment, but I got this one right! (grin)

  5. Andrea Minicozzi says:

    Loving the blog Walter! Great shot! Can’t believe we’re in for REAL snow this week…at least the chickens have seen it before!

  6. Love the thought of snow on the ground. Here in New Jersey we have only had our first hard frost. The snow is in my dreams, I would love to live in New England.

  7. Trudy says:

    Thanks for the extensive information, and critiquing. We actually have an E900, too, however, we haven’t been as busy as you with taking pics. I’m highly partial to Fuji, but did have the Z1 for one week, and returned it, even with a 15% non-refundable restocking fee, as the pics were atrocious in various settings both on the camera, and in environment.

    I’m pretty particular, and had had great quality pics with my old Fuji 2800, which I had sold to my sister-in-law. I felt like crying that I had sold a great camera and had the Z1. I think for the price, very portable size, quality, manual & automatic options, technology, and mega pixels, this is a great camera.

    My brother does professional work, also with the Fuji professional line, and thinks the camera manufacturers would be better off if they concentrated on making 1 or 2 great cameras, vs. so many versions that are of poor quality or of few good qualities and features.

    I also think you hit it on the head, that we are waiting for our real, next camera to be created!

  8. Anonymous says:

    cool pic, i figured it out. :-) Happy Holidays

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