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Holly and Hope are ready for hunting season with their red and orange. Tis that time of the year. Theoretically the only hunters on our land are the groups who we allow to hunt here each year. The reality is poachers abound. Holly chased off a man in a small red car who was shooting from the road into our north field by our house last week – six days before rifle season even opens. The best thing to do is stay out of the woods if you can and to wear blaze orange. Stay safe whether you are in the woods hunting or just walking or working. Sadly, there is no safe place in the natural world during hunting season for non-hunters to enjoy the outdoors.

Today we greatly enlarged the hillside dens up on the sow level terrace. These will provide housing for pigs for the winter. The dens are cuts we made back into the side of the hill and roofed over. The openings face to the south east so the animals get the morning sun to warm them in the winter. Will had helped me drag logs down from the woods on Friday so we’re already to build the pole barn style roof on each of the dens. The earthen berm lifts the cold north west wind up over the roof making for cozy places to snooze in the winter. It is simple, easy and effective. By not closing the animals in a barn they get to breath fresh air which is healthier for them and for us. Into each den well put a big round bale which the animals will eat and spread to make a deep pack of bedding.

My brother Charles built a neat basic greenhouse for his chickens out of translucent plastic over cattle panels. It will be interesting to see how it fares with the snow load. Part if the goal is to extend the growing season and part is to provide the chickens with a sun space in the winter. I’m thinking of making a few as well. We get more wind than he does and I’m a little worried about how the plastic will do snapping against the metal all winter. Best way to find out is to try!

Someone showed me a glass of water and he asked, “Is it half full or half empty?” Being polite and practical, I drank the water and said, “Thank you!”

Low 24째F, High 38째F, Sunny


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  1. Peggy says:

    love your blog and will be back again!

  2. Remember the story from a few years back of the Pennsylvania housewife who was hanging wash on her line wearing white mittens when a hunter shot her? It’s scary. One year I looked out my back window and saw a pickup truck full of hunters parking and getting out to walk my fencerow. This is 50 yds from my house for cryin out loud!! I called the DNR.

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