Old Barn – Waites River, Vt

This is an old barn sitting right up against the road along Route-25 in the town of Waites River in northern central Vermont. It is just down the road from us and across from the general store we go to for milk, paper and other sundries. Next door is a white church which is the subject of many famous photos on calendars and postcards. Haying equipment is still stored in the barn – it is useful for that even in it’s deteriorating condition. Sometimes the store owner sees deer and even a bear up in the top of the field. They keep a pair of binoculars hanging on the wall for such sightings. The fields are still green but fall is fading fast into winter. Up on the mountain we have snow on the ground many a morning and today it lasted the whole day despite the efforts of the sun. Saturday is the start of deer hunting season – rifle that is. So wear hunter orange if you’re going to be outdoors and leave those white mittens in the house.

“Some days I’m putting square pegs in round hogs.”

Low 20°F, High 33°F, Sunny with a clear blue sky.


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