Tree fall down!

This is a nice sized wooden bowl just waiting to be carved… We don’t have many of these growths in our woods. I am told they are caused by a virus in the tree. Today we worked on the patch of woods up by the tree-house and trolley line. I was felling junk wood and dead trees to open up the area and make it safer. In the big storm we had the other week a dead tree had fallen down across the trolley line taking it to the ground. Cutting these trees has been on my list and now it is done. One was a huge poplar that required cutting from both sides to fell it because the trunk was thicker than my chain-saw’s 20″ bar. That left a healthy dent when it fell! Little Hope was talking about it for quite a while. “The tree fall down!” We still have limbs and brush to clean up and then the trolley will be back up and operational on the new pulley that arrived last week.

“Thinking before posting saves fencing…”

Low 34째F, High 56째F, Sunny with some clouds and a little drizzle.

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2 Responses to Tree fall down!

  1. pablo says:

    Methinks thou doth needs maketh a poste about said “trolley line.”

  2. Soon for tomorrow we tighten the wire…

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