Snow Be Gone – Apples Here

Another beautiful day on the mountain. It started out quite crisp but by afternoon almost all the remaining snow was gone and it is looking green in the fields again. The ponds are all very full and the springs are running high.

We moved about half of the grower pigs into the main garden today where they’ll clean up to put it to bed. They were pretty excited! All those remaining tomatoes and other goodies as well as corn stalks and sunflowers. They’ll finish it up in a couple of days and then we’ll move the hens in there for the winter.

Having just the small pigs in the area gave me a chance to work with the new puppies around livestock. Kavi and Kira aren’t ready to take on 400 pound sows but the 50 to 150 pound growers were just their speed. Kavi is already starting to show his talents. Kira is a bit more hesitant. Having Saturn and Kia in with us helped. The older dogs teach the younger ones by example. It will be months before the puppies start really doing anything herding-wise but the exposure is good for them. Now they are more than just smelling the stock and seeing it on the other side of the fence. At three months old they’re ready to start interacting in a controlled manner.

The photo above is of the pig herd up on the sow level. In the foreground you can see the Archemedes, our boar, facing us with two of his smallest daughters on either side of him. They are piglets out of Bear. The gander is checking things over – he can often be found keeping track of the little ones. In the back Saturn is in amongst the larger sows and growers.

Our apple and pear trees arrived in the mail today from St. Lawrence Nursery. They look good and are very tall. The saplings are bigger than I expected at about 5′ high each. We got six pear trees and 22 apple trees. These are all full size standard trees. We’ll be planting these in holes we have prepared along the downslope sides of the terraces. More on this later.

A spoon does not know the taste of soup, nor a learned fool the taste of wisdom. -Welsh Proverb

Low 29째F, High 57째F, Sunny.

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