Getting (Pumpkin) Smashed

Each year we rescue pumpkins after their being used as jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. Bill and Donna of the Waites River General Store hold an annual pumpkin lightning contest each year. Everyone is invited to enter and there are prizes for the best carvings in various age groups. People bring in their carved masterpieces which sit in the field on the hill opposite the store for several nights coming up to the big All Saints Night.

After the pumpkin lightning is done many people don’t come to retrieve their creations. Several years ago we offered to clear the field for them and haul the pumpkins home to our sheep and pigs. They love the variety in their diet that the pumpkins offer and pumpkin is even supposed to be a good natural wormer. We call this our “Pumpkins to Pork Project”. :)

Here you can see the kids throwing jack-o-lanterns over the fence down to the pigs and sheep. Good healthy pumpkin smashing fun in the fall…

By the way, both Ben and Will won for their great pumpkin carvings this year – A free large pizza each!

“The way to not makes mistakes is to do nothing.”

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2 Responses to Getting (Pumpkin) Smashed

  1. abe/happy says:

    Large Pizza, My son thinks that was a great prize :)

  2. Sue F says:

    I thought I was the only nut who had everybody saving their pumpkins. I’ve got the guys at the dump in the big town trained to put the decent looking pumpkins to the side of the compost pile, a lady who uses several big ones in her clothing store display every year gives me hers. Come the first of November my car should have a warning sign, “Caution! I brake for Pumpkins”.

    One year I had a bumper crop of small gourds and squash. More than I could use, sell, give away. I had the kids take a baseball bat and bat them into the pen. The birds had a blast following the flying squash chunks and attacking when it landed. The turkeys could track the flying chunks as well as any hawk hunting.

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