Halloween 2005

The big day is here! Much anticipated it has been! We make costumes each year of paper maché, cloth, wire and foam. The kids plan and scheme for months, doing drawings, planning how moving parts will work, how clothing is to be sewn. Then the first of October it becomes an obsession with hours spent on these interdisciplinary projects, getting ready for the big night… The costumes are done with the help of everyone, sharing ideas and skills, all of us spending some time on it. But the big push is each child’s as they design, shape and paint.

After we visited our neighbors down the street we headed into Barre town, our closest city (pop. 9,000 – motto “Granite Capital of the World”). They have a special Halloween event sponsored by the town merchants. The stores close early on Halloween and the owners and employees dress themselves up for the event. Families parade down the sidewalks visiting each merchant who gives out candy. The event lasts about an hour which is enough time to walk the mile and a half loop through town.

This year Ben was a wolf. Holly helped him create a shirt with a wolf like cape and mane which he wore over dark pants and a black long sleeve shirt. Ben made black gloves for his hands and furry paws with claws. For his mask he and I started with a milk jug and added triple expanding foam which we shaped into a large wolf head with big perky ears. After the foam was hard we added another layer which we pressed down to smooth it out some.
Then Ben painted the mask grey with brown, black and white highlights. Tonight we put black paint on his face to make him vanish in the shadow below the mask which sat above his head. Since he is still small people tended to look into the glass marble eyes of the wolf rather than into his own face. Everyone recognized what he was and he had a lot of fun growling and prowling the town with his pack. Kia dog came along which added to the effect.

Will is thirteen now and has put on a bit of height. In fact he was over nine feet tall for Halloween – and had two heads! He built a two headed ogre costume using a plastic barrel, PVC pipes and foam. He clothed his giant in burlap bags and made pants out of burlap as well.

The result was a huge monster like those of the Bread & Puppet Circus with arms that swung naturally and could be controlled plus heads that bobbed and peered around him as he walked down the street. This garnered a tremendous number of comments – “Oh, my god!” “Look at that!” “Wow!!!” It made his day – and month.

Hope went as Winnie the Pooh in a suite Holly had sewn from scraps of fabric years ago for Ben. She dressed her Baby Doll as Piglet. Cute and cuter! She is only two and a few months so this was the first time she understood Halloween. And did she ever enjoy it. All the costumes and getting dressed up!

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8 Responses to Halloween 2005

  1. pablo says:

    Clever kids. What an idyllic childhood they must be having!

  2. Jane says:

    Those are fantastic costumes the hours of effort were well spent! I hope it was a very good halloween for you all. :-)

  3. patina says:

    love the two headed guy!

  4. Anonymous says:

    i just found your blog and the first thing that came to mind was *bread and puppet*!

  5. Anonymous says:

    What wonderful joyous costumes. Maybe next year you’ll put Franklin on your Barre route–Blessings,

  6. Evelyn says:

    Those costumes are AMAZING!!! I’m so tempted to skip ahead to other Octobers to see what they’ve done!

  7. Evelyn, as we “speak” the kids are working on their 2008 costumes. Tune in soon for the latest monster mash! :)

  8. Liondog19D says:

    I stumbled across your site/blog/page, whichever you call it (proud, neobarbarian, computer Neanderthal here). I was making papier mache masks in my livingroom last night, & had tried to find photos/info on the great papier mache masks seen in Rob Zombie's Halloween remake, and somehow hit upon your site & photos.
    The wolf mask & two-headed giant monster are magnificent! I hope to make a huge, pickup truck tire-sized mask head w/ moveable lower jaw & maybe moveable eyeballs as well, someday, when I can afford the gear for such a project.
    Anyhow, thanks for further inspiring the artist in a banged up old soldier who's been put out to pasture.

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