New Chicks

We got a shipment of 100 baby chicks from McMurray Hatchery. Ben is counting, dipping beaks to give them their first drink of water and putting them under the brooder cover. These little ones will grow during the winter so they’ll be ready to start laying in the spring.

Low: 29째F, High 37째F, Sunny!

4 thoughts on “New Chicks

  1. Supposively it increases the survival rate. They have just been through a trip in the mail for 24 to 48 hours while they survived on the yoke in their abdomen and their shared warmth during the journey. When they go into the new brooder we give them a drink and set them down by the waterer. That way we know they atleast had a chance to get some water before exploring their new surroundings.

    On the other hand, the chicks that were born here, under a hen or in my homebrew brooder, don’t get this same intro to the water.

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