Ram One

Ram One is not feeling sheepish at all…

Low 35째F, High 39째F, Overcast.

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2 Responses to Ram One

  1. Shave them? Can you imagine keeping that face shaved every day? I think he should grow a beard. It takes packs and packs of razors. Fortunately he has a Sam’s Club membership and gets a super discount on the economy super count razor packs. I had suggested Ram One try an electric razor to save money but he said the buzzing was annoying.

    Oh, wait!?! You meant shearing the wool! :) He does have a lot. Yes, it sell for about 3 to 7 dollars a pound I believe depending on the quality and how clean it is. Chris, who lives over the mountain from us sells a lot of wool every year and does quite well with it. I have not actually ever sold any sheared wool. We have used it for various crafts projects and I have two bags full that are waiting.



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