Paper Cups

That is a close-up of the stem of a maple tree. Trees should be approached slowly and cautiously as they do not move out of the way. A few days ago someone left their bumper next to one down the road. I suspect they approached the tree too quickly. The tree will heal but I suspect the car is totaled.

On a totally different topic, I come from a family of seven kids. We were born in the 60’s and 70’s – the height of the Zero Population Growth movement. ZPGers did not approve of our large family. My parents tell that people were always asking them very pointedly “When they planned to stop having kids?”, “Didn’t they know about birth control?!”, etc. So my parents came up with the following reply: “Yes, yes, we finally figured it out this pregnancy stuff. It’s those dang plastic cups in the bathroom. We switched to paper cups which we heard were more sanitary, and presto – no more babies!” That shut up the busy bodies. My parents got a kick out of telling them that – You see both of my parents are country docs! :)

Funny story:
Ben (age 7) asked: “Are Rice Crispies made of rice?”
Walter: “Yes, and do you know what Corn Flakes are made of?”
Ben: “Corn???”
Walter: “Yes! And how about Cheerios?”
Ben: “Cheer?”
Will (age 12): “Cheerleaders!”
At this point everyone cracked up laughing!

Night Low 27째F, Day High 43째F, Sunny, light rain toward evening.

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4 Responses to Paper Cups

  1. Julie says:

    Kids have such a wonderful perspective on things!

    I love your bark photo, I’m lately enamored of getting closer to my subject with my camera and was pleased to hear Chris talk about that on tipsfromthetopfloor this week. Nice snap!

  2. Beautiful photo! I am fascinated with the rugged of the trees trunk.

  3. jaytothectbh says:

    to be honest, i love the sarcastic style of your writing, very cool can i just say. im going to use that photo as an example in my photography :)

  4. Jay, yes, you may use the tree trunk photo. I would appreciate a link back to and would love to see where it is used so please write home! :)

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