First Frost

Ice coats the pond, hore frost upon the hill and the world was rimmed with white this morning….

After chores we took our van in for inspection and did our fall shopping trip to get store bought goods for winter. We even got a lobster! Special treat for tomorrow’s dinner with fresh broccolli, holindays, potatoes and late season salad all from the gardens and chickens. The rooster will have to wait for Sunday. I don’t think he minds the delay.

“It is easy to think outside the box if you don’t live in one.”

Night 29째F, Day 43째F, Sunny partly cloudy

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3 Responses to First Frost

  1. We’ve had frost here for weeks in MN, it sure does clear the air up.After a hot summer I always enjoy this time of year the most.

  2. Julie says:

    What a beautiful picture!

  3. “It is easy to think outside the box if you don’t live in one.”

    I love that quote! We’ve had a frost the last couple days in NY as well. Helps to motivate my wood cutting :)

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