Blue Sky and Interview

Today the clouds broke and the sky cleared to a beautiful blue. We actually had a lovely sunrise, our first in over a week, beautiful pink through the morning mists. Kita and Lili walked down to the far end of the south field with me to check out the new piglets. The ground was wet but the sky was clear and the air felt great.

Last night we had an almost frost, it got down to 33째F and ice froze on the tops of water containers up on the hill probably from evaporative cooling as it was where the wind could touch the water. But there was no ice on the ponds with their larger thermal mass and the gardens still were fine – even the sensitive plants like pumpkins, watermelon and peppers.

Tonight is supposed to be colder so we spent the day picking everything that would be damaged by frost. Crates and crates of late season tomatoes, pumpkins, watermelon, beans, cucumbers, basil and a lot more. I dug out a few potatoes for dinner as well although we’ll harvest more later since the frost won’t bother them.

If it does frost tonight then it will be our first frost of the fall. This is almost two months later than we often get our first frost. The last three years have been the same. It is almost like we moved a hundred or so miles southward into a new growing zone. Pretty sweet. Maybe a benefit of global warming? Does this hurricane cloud have a silver lining? Wait! Turn off that SUV! Despite this little benny I still don’t want the pollution! Maybe it causes global warming, maybe this is just a blip in the normal variation. Either way pollution and wasted resources are a bad idea. But, one funny thought I had was, “What if global warming caused by human activity is stopping the next ice age…” Hmm… Keep those SUV keys ready!

In other news, I got interviewed! It appeared yesterday on the blog Seasonal Cook. This was an interview over the net by email. Fun and a lot more relaxing than the radio interviews I’ve done. In those I always felt very nervous, butterflies in my stomach! So, go check it out! :)

Last bit of news, go read the Hen Whisperer blog and find out about the down side of the National Animal ID System. One thing that bothers me: if this system is to give 48 hour trace back in the food supply like they claim then why does the government want to track pets, non-food animals, homestead animals we raise for themselves and direct farm to consumer sales… Think about it.

Night 33째F, Day 48째F, Sunny mostly clear

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2 Responses to Blue Sky and Interview

  1. pablo says:

    I’m no genius about these things — talk to Wayne and Glenn — but I think global warming is expected to hasten the next ice age. The melting of the polar ice will flood the oceans with cold water, which will upset normal weather patterns, including warm air going north from the equator, and the northern hemisphere will get colder and colder. At least, I think that’s one theory I’ve heard.

    Great news about the interview. Didn’t realize you were such a celebrity. Nice of you to hang with us little people.

  2. Aye, that is one theory and the premis of a popular movie. Other theories say the opposite. Until we do the grand experiment it will be hard to say for sure… :)

    Thanks for the congrats on the interview, you realize, I’m still a little person of course! Less than average height, smallest male in my family and I haf-to cinch my britches to keep them up – I gotta get hips some day, either that or suspenders… :) More power to the little people or something like that! :)

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