Lost Hope Painting

Our daughter Hope is two and absolutely loves to paint and draw as is very common at her age. She will do it for hours at a time. Her drawings are just starting to be recognizable and pretty typical child artwork. Her paintings are generally about the same level. But then every once in a great while, maybe one in a a hundred paintings, she does something that is absolutely stunning. A painting that you look at and say “that is art!” It should be framed and hanging in a gallery, a museum. It is rather random and always abstract. But when it all comes together and she gets all the lines and forms and colors right it is just stunning. This lends credence to the joke of a million monkeys could write Shakespeare.

Well yesterday she had one such glorious painting. It was orders of magnitude above her usual works, as good as the best of my favorite abstract art by famous artists like Picasso. It was an award winning painting. And then, when set aside to dry it got smeared, a little person’s finger dragged across it to check the wetness and voila – “The Lost Hope” painting. In a moment it was gone and now all that remains is a memory of greatness and a canvas with smeared colors. Ah, so goes greatness…

Night 40째F, Day 48째F, Rain 0.5″

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3 Responses to Lost Hope Painting

  1. pablo says:

    Fortunately, there is no parental bias in your report, otherwise . . .

    As for the million monkeys pounding on keyboards — that has been disproven. Many conclude that the internet has given millions of monkeys the chance, and nothing worthwhile has been produced.

  2. Absolutely no parental bias. I am an unbiased observer, a scientist in this grand experiment, totally detatched. :)

    As to the monkeys, perhaps the wrong species is being used… :)

  3. ranch101 says:

    I’m enjoying your blog, too. My older (soon-to-be 4 years old) daughter’s name is Nadyezhda, which is Russian for “Hope”.

    If you get tired of fencing your property, you can come and do mine ;)

    Sandy @ ranch101

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