Rain, Rain, Come Again…

My Nikon 990 camera is officially dead. Memorial services to be held Sunday at 3 p.m. at Coy Rock. I mourn the passing of this valiant servant and loyal friend. After four life saving resuscitations in the past year it has finally bit the dust for good. This photo of the white pine growth tip was taken with my sons’ camera which I will limp along with until I can find a new companion. So…

MWM (Married White Male) Seeks Digital Camera for manual trysts in the fields, long walks in the woods and star gazing. Must be have good color sense, strong eye sight (3x optical minimum, 10x ideally), full manual capabilities are required. Large plus size aperture preferred. A small, trim figure with controls pleasingly situated to the hand is a big bonus. Minimum 3.1 MegaPixels. Film cameras need not apply.

If anyone has recently surveyed the newer digital cameras (within last year) I would love to hear from you about possible candidates that meet or exceed the above qualifications. Here’s your chance to play match maker… :)

I just got a chance to handle the new Nikon CoolPix S4 but sadly it totally lacks manual controls. It is just for the point and shoot crowd. Otherwise it is a nice camera and the biggest I would like size-wise.

It has rained all day and we could use more, thus today’s title. :)

6 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Come Again…

  1. First off – thank you for commenting on my blog.

    I am lucky enough to own the Canon Rebel and it is simply an amazing camera – I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    Your pics here are beautiful, I especially like your banner pic – did you take that yourself? The colors are just gorgeous.

    Happy Camera Hunting!

  2. “Large plus size aperture preferred.” That’s just nasty!

    Check with the Dharma Bums. They have a camera that seems to suit them very well.

    As always, a pleasure to visit your blog!


  3. Oh, I meant to answer the banner question, GON. It is a panarama I stitched together from several shots I took in front of the cemetary on Washington Street in Barre, Vermont which is just west of us. I believe there were a total of eight photos that I used to make it up. A larger sized version can be seen here. The full sized version is much larger incase I ever wanted to print a poster of it. It was a spectacular blue sky day in October with peak colors. You might notice that the shadows are doing funny things. This is an effect created by the rotation of the camera as I shot the collection of eight photos to get this image.

  4. Hi there, I came her from Sonia blog. I have a Nikon D70S and I love it. I went this route because I already had lenses from my film Nikon and I wanted more control than a point and shoot. Plus I am abit of a control freak.

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