Sun Time

The sun seen through a sunflower leaf.

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3 Responses to Sun Time

  1. Lené Gary says:

    Great shot! The leaf texture looks like a fabric — or should I say that fine fabrics look like leaves?

  2. orangeguru says:

    I am what you americans call a city slicker? BUT … your farm and nature pix make even long for a more natural life with less concrete and junk food. ;-)

  3. LenĂŠ, glad you enjoyed that. That is a great complement coming from you. I enjoy the photos on your site immensely. We were harvesting sunflowers and I was standing behind a plant with the sun coming through it. The brilliant glow of the leaf caught my eye and I snapped that photo.

    OrangeGuru, you’ll just have to get out of the city and eat some real food times on time. :) The air is sweet and just waiting to be breathed. The grass wants to be walked upon…

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