Rummage & Fall Colors

Today was a spectacular blue sky Fall day. The leaves are starting to turn and I’m starting to see the leaf peepers out along the roads. Unfortunately I don’t think it is going to be as spectacular a Fall Foliage season as it was last year when I shot the above photo at the cemetery in Barre, Vermont. Right now the leaves are looking rather brown and yellow with little of the bright reds and oranges we usually see. Still, there is time and maybe in a week or so we’ll get a cold snap that will brighten things up.

We went over to the rummage sale over at the East Topsham church. Some people put down yard sales and rummage sales as trading around junk but they totally miss the point. Yes, there may be a few pieces of junk, but the vast majority of it is excellent quality clothing, sheets, quits, books and other items which are often barely used. Some kind soul who doesn’t need it donates it to the church to sell. Where else can I find a perfectly good pair of wool work pants for 50¢?!? Or a child’s winter suit in perfect condition for a dollar? Flannel shirts for 25¢? Polar fleece jackets for a dollar? Sales like these serve a very useful function of keeping things in service that should not be discarded, often new things that just weren’t right for the previous owner but are perfect for someone else. To land fill such goods is a crime against sensibility. Reuse or pass it on.

Then we got to go to the East Cornish Blake Library book sale where I found two John MacDonald novels I’ve never read. As a bonus we got to see horses, lots of horses which was a highlight for Hope. They have an annual big ride in East Cornith on this weekend which is timed with the book sale and rummage sale. Fun times in the hills of Vermont!

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6 Responses to Rummage & Fall Colors

  1. Anonymous says:

    So did you find yourself with some free time to enjoy a day like this, or did you decide to carve out a day for yourselves to have fun? This kind of discovery and reward is great. I love it when it happens to me.


    (Blogger continues to hate me.)

  2. Ah, it was planned, and for a long time at that. The fact that it was such a gorgeous day was a wonderful coincidence. So Pablo, why does Blogger hate you? Inquiring minds are quite curious…

  3. Deb says:

    I don’t get to rummage sales often enough, but last week at a church-run thrift store I spent all of $2.50 and got a couple of kitchen utensils I needed, plus a whole wardrobe of good clothes for my six year old daughter, including a nice Bemidji Woolen jacket. One of the women who runs the store takes scraps from clothes that are no longer wearable and weaves them into rugs. I love the whole idea of re-using as much as possible.

  4. Lené Gary says:

    How are the leaves looking now (Thursday)? We’re getting more red around Montpelier the last couple of days–still dull in contrast to last year though.

  5. She says:

    I was googling, “Bit the Dust” and this and more showed up~ I had to say, I read and looked at EVERYTHING from the top to the bottom. I thouroughly enjoyed your page/site Walter right?!
    I’ve been up to Vermont a few times, and you’ve got me even interested, in checking out the Church Rummage Sales, I see around. Everything you shared was most appreciated and I write poetry, and you INspired alot in my muse! Thank you! Enjoy! All your Blessings! You all have been Blessed with, and now we are blessed! Namaste(google it, you will like)! P.s. YOU write EXCELLENT too! P.s.s. I noticed this was written in 2005, and I was going to delete my comment, but I decided to leave it, it’s in the Universe, if you see it or not! God Bless! God Speed! Warm Hugs, PURPLE Sheee

  6. One of the beauties of the internet is that a conversation like this crosses space and time. Although the original post was written in the fall of ’05 I love hearing your comments now in the summer of ’07. Hopefully that page will continue to be of enjoyment for people for years to come.

    Namaste to you too.



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