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Halloween 2005

The big day is here! Much anticipated it has been! We make costumes each year of paper maché, cloth, wire and foam. The kids plan and scheme for months, doing drawings, planning how moving parts will work, how clothing is … Continue reading

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Dogs at rest… …and in motion. Low 26째F, High 38째F, Sunny.

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New Chicks

We got a shipment of 100 baby chicks from McMurray Hatchery. Ben is counting, dipping beaks to give them their first drink of water and putting them under the brooder cover. These little ones will grow during the winter so … Continue reading

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Winter Hay

John and his son Jonathan brought us two loads of hay today. They also brought a tractor with the special round bale grabber for unloading the bales. That was a bonus I hadn’t expected and greatly appreciated. The grabber lets … Continue reading

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