Thistle Seeds

Thistles – a beautiful flower and a bite like a demon. On the one hand I find thistles to be an incredibly gorgeous flower and very interesting seed. On the other hand I don’t like them in the pastures and they spread like weeds. Unfortunately, viable thistle seeds are sold as bird food so well meaning bird feeders spread the painful plant in places where one might have managed to eradicate it. Sunflower seeds or something less noxious would be a better choice.

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  1. thebradleyartgallery says:

    Hi, I came across your site and I love it. I was wondering if I could use the photos to paint from. I am not famous by any means…just a want to be artist really…but I love your photos. I occasionally do sell prints of paintings I do, so I need your permission to use your photos. Thanks for the fun read…its like reading a James Harriott(Sp?) book…It takes me to a whole different place…Thanks!

  2. Hi Painter1, Sure, you may draw or paint from the photos here. I would appreciate it if you could put with the image, especially prints, something to the effect “From a photo by Walter Jeffries at” so people can find there way here from the paper world. Links if images are online are good too. Cheers, -Walter PS. Check out my wife Holly’s art at

  3. Thistle seeds have flown by me and attached themselves to me since I was a very small child. They always seem to come when I am in need of something or am feeling down. I catch them, make a wish, and send them out to the universe. I know this must sound strange but my wishes always come true! I had no clue what these things were but I knew they weren’t dandelions because they always held strong. Anyway, I was just your pics while searching thistles and wanted to say thanks for sharing your beautiful art. Gia

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