Bit of the Sea

This is a Fungia, a hard coral from the Indo-Pacific. I have a little piece of the Pacific, a bit of the sea, on my desk. A reef aquarium. It is only 50 gallons but it gives me a view of a part of the world that I will never visit. I am not a traveling man and it is highly unlikely in the extreme that I will ever come even close to going half way round the world. This little window I can watch fish from the South Pacific frolic in their symbiotic host anemones. Observe the corals as they grow. Study the various species of snails, crabs, algae, amphipods and other creatures as they live their lives and reproduce behind the window of glass on my desk.

The small glass box is filled with water, but more importantly with light that helps get me through the dark mornings and evenings of our long winters. It is better than one of those several hundred dollar light boxes they sell for Seasonal Affective Disorder and it is a whole lot more interesting. It is a continuing education that keeps the mind exploring and relaxes the eyes and soul. A little bit of sea.

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  1. swamp4me says:

    What an excellent way to see the world — creating your own little piece of it…

    And what a great way to beat the darkness of the winter days.

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