Australia with new piglets

Here is the promised photo of the new mother and her piglets. All look healthy and hale.


Australia just returned to her nest in the south field from a dip in the mud hole and is feeling quite relaxed as her piglets nurse. In the background you can see Kita, one of our guardian dogs, checking out the new additions to the farm. All look good.

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4 Responses to Australia with new piglets

  1. citeeGirl says:

    Is that a WOLF! At first I didn’t see it and THEN I realized their was a nother creature in the photo bleding into the background! Wont it kill the piglets?

  2. *grin* People do tend to say that about Kita and her sister Kia. She does blend quite well but is very gentle. She loves babies, be they puppies, children, piglets, chicks, lambs or what ever.

    Our dogs are part black lab, part german shepherd and part other. Her father is the same body form but golden colored and her mother is the same body form but white. We have had four generations of them here on are farm. They guard the livestock, children and us, do herding and we sled dog with them in the winter. With their thick double coat the love winter and water.

    The dogs are why we have no problems with predators although there are very heavy predator pressures here from bear, cat, fisher, coyotes, weasels, coon, fox, hawks, owls, ravens, etc. I love working with the dogs and training them. Kita, who is pictured here is about 85 to 90 lbs. She is the tri-color morph. Others are golden, black and white.

  3. Lynn says:

    that dog is just stunning… i love that she is smelling and investigating and that Australia is just lying there not bothered by her!

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