Off to a pig roasting we go…

Today we’re headed down to my folks place for a reunion. I’ll be doing a pig roast with one of the piglets from this summer. Last fall I did a pig roast for my brother’s birthday. That was the first time I had done a pig roast and it went very well although slightly differently than I expected. This year we’ll have an old fashion spit and reflector oven. I had planned to build one of these last year for Charles’ party but there were too many other things to do. Yesterday Will and I slaughtered the piglet for the reunion and it has been marinading in the fridge since then.

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  1. Jay Shaheen says:

    So… What happend at the barbaque? How was the pig? Details…? I want to do a pig roast too. I have been to a few but they were all huge!! I mean much to big for our family get to gether! And I was told it took an entire day to roast the pigs. Does a smaller pig take less time?

  2. Hi Jay, Details to follow soon. We learned lots of things doing it a different way and it all went very well. The best yet. I’ll write it up along with some photos soon. As to the time to cook, yes, a small pig takes significantly less time to cook than a large pig. Figure on about 12 to 15 minutes per pound. If you stuff the pig it takes longer as you are also cooking the stuffing. If the pig is butterflied (splayed) then it cooks faster since there is more exposed surface area.

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