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Piglets & The Tail of Katrina

Last night it was windy – more than our usual mountain breezes. By this afternoon we had accumulated about four inches of rain that we desperately needed. This is the tail end of Hurricane Katrina after she got done exhausting … Continue reading

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Australia is nesting

This morning when making rounds after chores I found that the sow Australia was building a nest in the brush along the east edge of the south field. This morning she didn’t come up to get food although she was … Continue reading

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Keeping a pig for meat?

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Someone wrote in a comment to a previous day’s posting: “I would like to raise pigs for meat for my family. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while. Is it hard to do??? How much space do they … Continue reading

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Off to a pig roasting we go…

Today we’re headed down to my folks place for a reunion. I’ll be doing a pig roast with one of the piglets from this summer. Last fall I did a pig roast for my brother’s birthday. That was the first … Continue reading

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