ALL sold outI have no meat available — Live piglets are available.

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Fall Piglets Available

Fall piglets. Born first week of September. Older and larger than this photo from when they were about ten days old. Ready to wean and go to new homes.

These are out of my Blackieline. I December there will be litters out of my Berkshire line.

I am in Vermont near the junction of Rt-25& Rt-302.

Feeder weaner piglets:
$300 for boar
$350 for gilt

Email me:

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Happy New Years!

Due to a bug in the operating system we must now reboot the universe, tomorrow, January 1st, 2020.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Weaner Piglets Available

Fall Piglets Available

I have caught up with 2021 weaner piglet orders that had been reserved and can now offer piglets for fall and winter. If you’ve wanted to get into raising a pig for meat now is a great time. They do great over the winter especially with the good start of fall on pasture. Pricing for boar piglets is $300+ each for fall and winter while supply lasts. See the Piglet Page for full details.

These fall piglets are two to three months old and should be ready for butcher in three to four months depending on the size you want to raise them too. This works ideally with butchers as the fall is their busy season.

If you want to reserve piglets for next spring please be sure to get your deposit in soon. I already have orders for piglets out through May for 2022. For spring and summer pigs send a $15/piglet with of note of what you would like. Pricing is $350+ each for spring and summer piglets. See the Piglet Page for full details.

Sugar Mountain Farm, LLC
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West Topsham, VT 05086

Outdoors: 49°F/58°F Partially Sunny
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Daily Spark: I have a photogenic memory – I remember beautiful things. The other things I put away in a box, carefully label and throw away the key.

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