Snowt Funny!

Mother Nature has a funny sense of humor. We all politely laugh. There isn’t much else to do. It could be worse…

Update 20210501: Since this snow storm we have had four more, one of which was 4″ and the others just an inch or so. Doing spring cleaning on the cottage today so we had another fire in the woodstove. Might be the last of the season. At this point the snow is all gone, even the drifts and the cap on the mountain.

Outdoors: 25°F/28°F 4″ Snow
Tiny Cottage: 61°F/64°F No Fire

Daily Spark: Theoretically I have a cat. Won’t know until I open the box and check… ~Schrödinger

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Year Old Porchetta

Year Old Porchetta Pork Roast

I found a porchetta pork roast which had dropped to the bottom of one of the freezers down in the salt pork box. We cooked it up and it was delicious.
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Fiber Optics Coming Soon!

Internet Speed Test

I live beyond the last mile as they call it. My internet, and phone, are spotty. Don’t depend on them too much. There is also no cell service although that will change within the next 14 months.
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How to Change

Easter Bunny Meets Hot Chocolate

Today we started with about 4″ of heavy snowball snow on the ground and by afternoon it was 99% gone. Time for spring.
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