Strawberries End of October

Strawberry in late October

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Beyond the Veil

Hanno the Navigator

Anna Akana did a very good Vlog on euthanasia, a topic the vet brought up to me not too long ago.

I have been through this many times but never have gone the route of euthanasia with my dogs, cats or ferrets although I have done it with livestock on rare occasions. Basically, if there is any chance of recovery and the animal says they wants to try, then I support them. This may not always be the right choice but it is a question that is so hard to know and everyone struggles with it when the time comes.

My dogs are actually wolves, a pack which I have lived with for over 30 years. Their founders came to me and said they wanted to farm. Here. I know that sounds weird, in two ways: Wolves farming and talking.
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Sweets Between Friends

Yellow Jackets & Mud Wasps Feeding on Sugar

I spilled a bit of sugar on the ground which my local wasp friends found. They’ve been cleaning it up for me. So far no problem or conflict as I feed whey, switching pipe connections and adjusting the valves. I kept bees for 25 years so I’m used to moving gently around them as they go about their business and I go about mine.

Outdoors: 73°F/50°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 70°F/66°F

Daily Spark: If you want simpler times then make your life be the simpler times. Pick and choose what parts of the past and the present you want to have in your life. This is the wonderful thing about being alive today – we can pick and choose. Years ago you could only choose from then backwards.

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Roaster Pig Available 29 lbs $239

Roaster Pig Available 29 lbs $239
Oven, Butterfly & Spit Roasters

I have a 29 lb roaster pig available now in my on-farm butcher shop cooler. $6/lb + $65 USDA Processing so $239 picked up here at the farm. Delivery along my route is also possible for an additional $15.

Roaster pigs are available in all sizes. Prices range from $4 to $6 per pound depending on size. Smaller pigs cost more per pound as do very large roasters do to difficulty in handling. See the Roaster Page for details on other sizes up to 200 lbs can be ordered with a three week lead time.
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