I am not currently taking orders for cut meat. With the pandemic and everything I am taking this year to do upgrades on the butcher shop and farm. I have a lot of smoked bacon, smoked hams, smoked ham steaks, smoked trotters, smoked hocks and smoked jowel (similar to bacon).

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If you are a licensed store, restaurant or caterer with a tax ID number looking to make volume purchases on a regular basis contact us for information.

Please realize that it typically takes time to get into the ordering process, especially for the high-on-the-hog cuts of meat which are in greatest demand. Existing standing order customers get first pick of the pig each week. Get into the delivery schedule through buying low-on-the-hog cuts and being creative with your cooking – help to eat the pig nose-to-tail. Then as you gain seniority in the order process let us know what else you would like in the future – as higher end cuts become available we’ll let you know.

Wholesale Redistributors:
We do not sell through wholesale redistributors since we have our own established weekly delivery route throughout Vermont.

Normal Weekly Schedule:
Wednesday: We pickup last week’s pigs’s carcasses from the slaughterhouse
I make up my orders cut sheet and print labels;

Thursday: We cut meat;

Friday: We cut meat, do ground and some sausage;

Monday: We pack chilled sausage and sort orders;

Tuesday: We deliver to our north and west routes; and

Wednesday: We deliver south route & take pigs to slaughter starting the cycle again.

It is ideal if I get wholesale orders and adjustments to standing orders by Wednesday noon if there are cuts involved. Sooner than that is better. The longer you wait the less the fewer the options available. The schedule is actually two weeks long as we take pigs down the week before for slaughter so there is a rolling schedule where we drop off pigs and pickup carcasses each Wednesday. This allows for a one week hang time for aging which has been scientifically shown to improve meat quality.

I say “normally” on the schedule because if there are holidays, snow or ice storm then we end up shifted – this happened the other week. This happens occasionally in the winter since we don’t drive in bad weather – safety first.

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  1. Brian Stefan says:


    My name is Brian Stefan and I run Southern Smoke – Cajun and Caribbean BBQ. We are a very small mobile catering company which just relocated to the area from Charleston SC. We do a lot with pork and I am interested in learning more about your farm, methods, and pricing. In SC we always worked closely with our farmers, especialy when it came to pork. After a while we had names and back stories for every pig we where fortunate enough to get. If you can give me any information you have about purchasing like sizes and quantity that would be a good start. I would like to see the farm myself some day soon. We are still working for a place to put our food cart in around Burlington so I have some time to get out and see meet people before we are working every day. Our website is still under construction but you can see a little about us there and some menu items and such. Thank you for any help and I hope to see you some time soon.

    All the best

    Brian Stefan
    Southern Smoke Foods LLC

  2. Nan Shepherd says:

    I have a natural food store in Boston and would be interested in carrying your pork. Are you able to deliver here?

    • We don’t deliver into Massachusetts because Massachusetts has so many complicated taxes, licenses and rules despite the fact that we are USDA inspected. To sell even once in Mass would require that we get the Mass licenses. Theoretically if the meat is USDA inspected it can be sold across state lines but some states like Mass make this very difficult because they have so many hurdles to small businesses. However, you can meet my wife Holly in Vermont on her delivery route along I-91 or pickup here at the farm and get wholesale prices if you’re reselling. If you have your own in-store butcher you might want to consider getting whole, half or quarter pigs which saves some cost and gives you more flexibility in the cuts.

      Interestingly, we can deliver in New Hampshire, the Live Free or Die State, without any additional complications. Each state is different.

  3. Lobelles says:

    Hi. My nephew brought me some of your pastured pork after a recent visit to your state this fall. It is delicious. We are a chain of butcher shops in New York City and would like to secure a steady supply of 20 to 30 pigs a week. We would be looking for whole carcasses and would do the cutting of the meat ourselves at our locations. We would need delivery on a weekly basis and can pay a premium for that.

    • I’m sorry but I don’t think we can help with that level of volume nor do we deliver in the NYC area. We just deliver in Vermont and a little into New Hampshire along the Connecticut River Valley area. See the delivery route map. Our maximum production is only 10 to 20 pigs a week and we must continue to provide for our existing standing order customers. If you can meet my wife Holly at the lower end of her delivery route at Exit 1 on I-91 we could do up to a maximum of about five pigs a week for you.

  4. Natalie says:

    Hi there!

    I was hoping to get some information on wholesale ordering of pork bellies for my smokehouse operation…would that be possible?

    Thank you,

  5. Phil Merrick says:

    Would like more info. We do periodic “Farm to Fist” dinners. At August First Bakery in the winter, at Arethusa Farm in the Intervale during the summer. We sell hot dogs and sauerkraut and beer. We make the buns, Arethusa makes the kraut. Been looking for a good source of better dogs and have heard good things about yours.

    What day(s) are you in Burlington? How much lead time on ordering? What price for the meat?


    • We make the hot dogs in batches. There will be a new batch starting soon at the smokehouse. We typically do a batch every month or two in the warm season plus one in in the winter. The hot dogs tend to sell out before they arrive back from the smokehouse so please let us know how many you would like to reserve. There are 7 hot dogs to a one pound package and 20 packages in a case. I’ll mail you the wholesale order form. The hot dogs are about half way down the page in the Sausage section showing per package, per case and per ten case wholesale pricing.

      My wife Holly typically delivers on Thursday or Friday of each week, occasionally on Saturday depending on the butcher’s schedule and the weather. Delivery is $10 on our route.

      Let us know if you have any questions.

  6. maggie.henry says:

    Couple of questions- is there anything I can put on a stone path to prevent rooting that my sows will have to cross over to get to shade and the rather impressive wallow they made in a paddock I want to move them out of? I don’t want them to do it again in the paddock I want to move them to. Also I have been approached by a competitor in response to ad I put on a group page we both belong to to sell him 10 pigs. How do I price this?


    • Big stones make a great path and wear down livestock’s hooves so you don’t have to clip them. If there are interesting tubers and worms under the stones then the pigs are going to want to move the stones to get at those delicious morsels. The solution is either bigger stones, or let the pigs do the job, or smaller stones that just fall back into a semblance of placement. A compromise may be needed between your sense of ascetics and the pigs’s sense of decor.

      I would price to the competitor the same way I would price to anyone else. It’s a simple business deal. If you have full orders then I would not discount unless someone offer’s something such as long advanced pre-payment. Fortunately the market for quality pasture raised pork is large so there is room for many small farmers to sell.

      • Jerry Peters says:

        Hello Walter,

        I have my first 4 Berkshire pigs ready for the butcher on August 11th and want to sell to a couple of specialty retail butcher shops or high end restaurants but I’m not sure what to charge, I looked at your website and it looks like $4.25 per pound hanging weight, am I in the ball park if I use that pricing, I am in Minnesota. Thanks, Jerry

  7. Steve Burzon says:

    We are a Manchester store, Garden Arts Fresh Market, and would be very pleased to offer your hot dogs as part of our lunch menu. We try very hard to carry local fresh products to highlight all that Vermont has to offer. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss this possibility. Look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Steve, I’ve emailed you the wholesale price list. My wife Holly makes deliveries week along I-91 and I-89 including Brattleboro which is close to you. The next couple of batches of hot dogs are already sold out but we can put you in for the batch after that which will be late August or early September depending on the schedule with the smokehouse. Today Holly is picking up the current batch of hot dogs and delivering it to stores and restaurants.

  8. Sean Carey says:

    Hi Walter, my name is Sean. I am starting a new restaurant project in the Mad River Valley. Loved using your products when I was at the Alchemist, and wanted to know how to get started as a new account. Thanks, S.

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