Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015 in Montpelier, VT

This year the Barre merchants decided to hold Halloween on Friday, October 30th, instead of the real Halloween date so a lot of people missed the traditional parade in Barre. I learned later from the town clerk that the reason they did this oddity was many of the Barre merchants close on Saturdays so they didn’t want to be open special for the traditional Halloween kids’s event. This is a pity.

Montpelier Street Carnival for Halloween

Montpelier Street Carnival for Halloween

The good news is that the neighboring town of Montpelier had a fantastic Halloween event, possibly because they picked up the slack and the tricker treaters from Barre. There were a plethora of wonderful costumes and a lot of people!

Spring & Monsanto the Death Reaper

Marty’s Delorean arrived this month from 1985

Bouncy House in the Street Carnival

A very good Tree Disguise

Rug dressed as a dog

Mobile Hot Dog

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  1. aminthepm says:

    Barre’s loss Montpelier’s gain

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