Underhill Sow Shifting

Underhill Sows

Today we shifted sows and gilts out of Underhill and up to the Plateau winter paddock. They had been in with our Tamworth boar, smaller Blackie line boar and MainlinexSpitz boar Spitzon. They’ve had two breeding cycles and are now up with Black Beard a larger Blackie boar who will catch them on the rebound if any have not bred.

Who is that masked man with Hope? Clue: You may be able to guess from his height despite his being hidden in winter work cloths. Leave answers in comments…

Outdoors: 4°F/-13°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 64°F/56°F

Daily Spark: Cartoon of Pooh bear standing in some famous Chicago location and thinking, “Hmm… Today is Windsday. I wonder where all the Chicagoians are the rest of the week?”

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5 Responses to Underhill Sow Shifting

  1. Niom says:

    You live in breathtakingly beautiful country Walter!

  2. June says:

    I’m guessing it is Ben as he has been growing like the proverbial weed. Love these big views of your world!

  3. Dan Edison says:

    So now I’m curious as to why Ben has the black face mask on…….. I notice hope is bare headed and it looks like her jacket is flapping open so it isn’t cold is it?

    • Cold it is and it is the cold that brings out the mask. Specifically cold combined with wind. Ben and Will had been out doing morning chores when Hope and I joined them to move the ladies up the mountain. Since they were out longer in the wind they bundled up more – quite wisely.

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