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The last of the calendar’s are shipping to Kickstarter backers. Calendars start with March 2013 and run to February 2014 to carry you over the new year. If you ordered a calendar in your rewards package then start watching your mailbox! I have a few extra calendars – if you want one see this post.

Post cards mailed out last weekend to everyone at the $15 reward level and higher. Reports are already coming in from people who’ve received theirs. I would expect everyone will have theirs within a week or so.

On the farm front lots more piglets have been born and the wave before them are scampering around exploring the winter hay. This nice weather with gentle snows has been a blessing.

In the butcher shop Ben and Will have been focusing on forming up FCB in preparation for the next concrete pour. More basalt reinforcement just arrived minutes ago. Meanwhile I have been working on “The Trench” where all of our plumbing comes together. Up until now the trench has been simply a rough groove in the foundation. I need to get the bottom sloped and pitched for drainage and then smooth before I can start laying in the final DWV plumbing, conduit for electric and propane lines. Once that is done we’ll be pouring the final floor with access plate (stainless steel) that will magically make the trench vanish yet still be accessible should we ever need to make modifications in the future. More steps to bring us closer to cutting meat on-farm.

Outdoors: 31°F/27°F 6″ Snow
Tiny Cottage: 64°F/60°F

Daily Spark: Funny Name Category – John Lynch was Governor of NH, the only state in the union with hanging as its capital punishment

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