Abattoir Towering – $30K T-shirt – Onward & Upward

Ben & Hope’s Cartoon Info-Graphic of Abattoir Tower Funded (zoom)

Wow! Thank you everyone! Not only is the butcher shop funded but we now have enough to pour the concrete for the next section of that abattoir tower. This brings us one step closer to on-farm slaughter in addition to on-farm butchering (meat cutting & sausage making).

Hitting the $30K goal means that everyone at the $25 or higher level by the end of our project (May 15th) will get an extra FarmImage Goodie. If you wish to increase your pledge you can do so at any time this week and still get the extra Goodie.

New Goal: $35K green line to pour the floor and some partitions of the abattoir. I’ve been experimenting with the shipping and found I can pack a little more meat in the box. If we can get to that height I’ll include extra bonus sausage for all meat backers at the $65 level and above plus a mystery goodie for everyone at levels $30 and above.

Congratulations to Bing Shen who won the $30,000 T-shirt! Now that we’re going into our final week I have some great games planned for more T-shirts and other fun stuff so stay tuned for that update tomorrow…

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2 Responses to Abattoir Towering – $30K T-shirt – Onward & Upward

  1. Daniel says:

    I’m curious to know how you budget for filling the rewards. Does Kickstarter require that they be filled in a certain time frame? Do you allocate say 10% of production until such time as all rewards are filled?

    • Kickstarter makes no requirement. Rather it is our responsibility to make sure we can do the job. To this end I did a careful spreadsheet of that showed me what the load of fulfillment would be and then I set the limits on rewards so they did not exceed our capacity to fill including the fact that we have our existing standing orders from stores and restaurants.

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