Three Great Kicking Games

Win T-shirts, Ivory Tusks & a Big Pig Mug

Check out these three great games related to Kickstarting the Butcher Shop at Sugar Mountain. Win T-shirts, a Coffee Mug and genuine ivory Tusks! Everyone can win! Check out Update #10 for details.

If you shop or eat at the stores and restaurants we deliver to in Vermont then you could win a T-shirt in one of the many give-aways starting tomorrow and running through our Kickstarter project. Look for the T-shirts at:

Buffalo Mountain Coop in Hardwick
City Market in Burlington
Hunger Mountain in Montpelier
Hen of the Woods in Waterbury
Plainfield Coop in Plainfield
Sterling College in
Vermont Pub & Brewery in Burlington

Visit these fine establishments and enter to win a great Archimedes Pork Cut Chart as well as enjoying our delicious pastured pork!

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