Big Ag is using their most powerful tool, government regulations, to destroy the small threat of small farmers for that last small share of the market that the big corporations drool over. Since Big Corps can’t win on the level playing field they get subsidies. Yet even then they can’t even win with subsidies and the playing field tilted their way. So they utilize lobbyists and the revolving door in government to create regulations to destroy their small scale competition with unconstitutional raids on family farmers. This brings us to Farmagedon: America’s War Against Small Family Farmers.

There is an excellent short review over at the Berkeley Daily Planet about the film Farmagedon: America’s War Against Small Family Farmers. Excerpt:

The first-person stories related in Kristin Canty’s new documentary, Farmageddon, may sound like people recounting the post-trauma shock of a drug-raid but these “perps” are not pot-growers or drug-smugglers, they are family farmers and members of organic produce buying clubs.

“I was at the top of the stairs and I saw a man with a gun pointed up at me. All I could see was a black hat and a black jacket. I stood there thinking this was a serial killer.”

“They seized $64,000 worth of food and equipment. They terrorized the children. They took the farmer away in handcuffs.”

“They showed up at 5:30 in the morning in the middle of a blizzard and they had 42 armed federal agents and USDA officials and they cleared out our entire barn.”

Kristin Canty’s well-crafted documentary manages to fit more than 30 interviews into a taut, engaging, and ultimately enraging, 90-minute film. Among those interviewed is David Rana of Berkeley’s Three Stone Hearth food coop, the operators of Organic Pastures, a grass-fed dairy operation in Fresno, and the owner of Rawesome Foods in Venice, California. Farmageddon takes the big-picture message of the award-winning documentary Food Inc. and brings it closer to home — into the lives of small farmers victimized by government raids.

Go read the full review and spread the word. It is only by making noise that the government’s going to pay attention and back off from these machinations.

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Daily Spark: If you’re not outraged your not paying attention. -Anon

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2 Responses to Farmagedon

  1. Art Blomquist says:

    When did we stop being Governed and started being Managed by Big Business? It truly is outrageous that small food producers are subjected to such debilitating treatment. My hope is that Big B’s insatiable greed is becoming so prohibitively expensive that we finally turn from their ilk to our own backyard and neighbors for our sustenance.

  2. Doug Sharp says:

    An armed citizenry is the only real check of power of a government. I hope not, I pray not, but eventually if things are not stopped we will have to test that principle.

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