Brush Your Teeth!

This is a wake-up call to remember to brush after meals. Anna, pictured above, didn’t ever brush her teeth. Perhaps she figured her diet of pasture and hay would keep her teeth clean – it didn’t. The lower back tooth on the right looks to be dead. In the bottom middle we have teeth with extreme buildups of plaque. Even though she wasn’t a smoker there is yellowing to her teeth.

Additionally Anna ground her teeth (see the upper tusk) and chewed on rocks (I found cracked molars from that plus I heard her). Chewing on rocks, sticks and anything else out in the field is not uncommon, the pigs are exploring objects with their mouths to see if they might be edible. But it doesn’t do good things to their teeth.

Fortunately their tusks, which they use to dig in the soil, grow continuously. Anna’s tusk is protruding about an inch or so from her gums in the photo above but there was another four inches of tusk anchoring it well in her jaw.

Pigs lives are short. For a pig Anna was remarkably old and that is what her teeth looked like after a lifetime of no brushing. Don’t follow Anna’s example – Take care of yourself.

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4 Responses to Plaque

  1. Michaele says:

    I imagine she had a heck of a toothache also.

    • Very possible. I have had a cracked molar for about 13 years, perhaps longer. It hurts. I eat carefully. The dentist has tried putting several fillings in to bind it together but he wants to do a root canal. I’m not interested right now. Tad chère. Neither Anna nor I have insurance. Ergo, I brush carefully and try to avoid chewing rocks.

  2. Rachelle says:

    Hi Walter,

    You mentioned in another post that Anna had to go because she was getting mean, could it have been her teeth hurting, making her cranky?

    Don’t you have pig dentists in Vermont? Or at least teach them to floss. :-)

    • Certainly a possibility. But there aren’t even pig doctors never mind pig dentists in Vermont. When you go to a vet around here and try and talk swine they get this crosseyed look and say, “sorry, I do cows/horses/pets but not pigs.” As to the flossing, she always complained that the floss came in tiny little packages and then she wanted to eat it. That coupled with her short arms, deep cheeks and lack of thumbs made flossing, er, challenging.

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