Preparing to Bomb IE8


I’m about to turn on the image expander javascript code. If you are using Internet Explorer below version 9 then once I re-enable the image expander your web browser will likely crash if there is an expanding image on one of my web pages you visit. You can solve this by:
1) upgrading to IE9;
2) crossgrading to Safari, Opera, Firefox, etc;
3) turning off javascript in IE8 or below; or
4) Switch to a Macintosh.[1, 2, 3, 4]

This bug in Microsoft Internet Explorer only appears to affect versions 8 and below running on Windows PC computers. Macintosh computers, iPhones, iPodTouches and iPads don’t seem to be affected.

I’m sorry that Microsoft’s IE8 crashes but many people have been asking for the image expander to be re-enabled, I like it and Microsoft has fixed the bug in IE9 so it is time to move forward. If you have questions, thoughts, etc, email me.


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2 Responses to Preparing to Bomb IE8

  1. jenny says:

    im glad your bringing back the big pics. i really enjoy being able to blow up the images andsee the details. i have some of your photos as my screen savers. i use firefox so i haddnt run into the problem. glad you figured it out. hope spring comes to your mountain soon!

  2. shane says:


    I’m also glad you are bringing back the expanding pics (I love the layout of the land pics). I run firefox and google chrome on Linux with no problems.


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