Dining with the Queen

I have no photo since it would have been rude to pull out a camera. I wouldn’t want her to think I was a paparazzi despite how I act like that with the piglets. For dinner we had barbecued spare ribs – a challenging meal to eat with the Queen. Best of manners now.

“Dining with the Queen!?” you ask, “How is that!?”

Well, you see, prime day’s are the only days the Queen might dine at our house. But not Sundays, because of course she is otherwise engaged, most likely dining with her own family. Not for breakfast or lunch either. I’ve never known the Queen to show up at our door for those meals.

“But what’s this about Prime Numbers and the Queen?” you ask.

Well, it’s quite simple, we couldn’t entertain her every day. That would be a bit much. Everyone must have the opportunity to learn their manners. I would not want to deprive other children from the chance to learn to behave. It would be rude for us to not share. By taking the prime number days I get to teach evens, odds and primes at an early age. Rather handy. This leads to division, multiplication, series and other interesting number games. As has been noted, by some of our younger diners, this means we’re more likely to dine with the Queen in the beginning of the month.

Of course, there are times she can’t make it, matters of state come up and we understand. But she’s never late, we’re merely ready early. And we’re always ready, always, on the prime number days for dinner.

Napkin’s in your lap and best of manners now!

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Daily Spark: You shouldn’t read everything you believe.

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2 Responses to Dining with the Queen

  1. In 20 years I am going to look up your children, interview them and write the book that must be written. “Life with Walter, Strange but True” Seriously Walter and Holly, how fortunate your children are to have such creative parents

  2. Nance says:

    Walter, I think we are all out planting, weeding and hoeing, every chance we get — anyway, I for one don’t seem to have time to read blogs and comment! Here in the midwest, it is either raining 7 and I’m in a funk . . . or the sun is shining and I’m out there pulling weeds, planting things and moving volunteers! But I still read you every night or two! Last spring was crazy . . . but we might call the Spring of 2010 bizarre!

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