April Snow Showers

Cottage in Blanket of April Snow

Yesterday I was speaking with someone on the phone and mentioned that virtually all of our snow was finally melted. He said where he was it had been gone for a month. Then this morning I awoke to 4″ of new snow and it snowed another inch in the morning while I worked on fencing and stone walls around the far edge of the north field.

Upper Pond – Pre-Snow

This is what the world looked like before today’s snow…

Farm Panorama Post-Snow – Click for huge version.

…and this is what it looked like when we woke up this morning. Click the image above for a 4096 pixel wide (392KB) high resolution version and follow the quick farm tour.

On the far left is our tiny cottage, the dog house which was a model for building our cottage and our delivery van. Behind the cottage you can see the grove of pines and wolf maples where the kids’ tree house and trolly shoot over mystery pond. Further back behind the tree line are the newly cleared fields, Sugar Mountain and the old north field along the road.

Birch Tree & Butcher Shop

To the right of the van is the driveway leading down to Riddle Pond Road and our old farm house which is the site of our new butcher shop project. In the distance you can see the marshes, Knox Mtn and Butterfield Mtn.

Maple Tree Tap

Continuing rightward is the lower pond, for pig pleasure, in the distance. Closer and surrounded by blue buckets is the winter chicken coop. Past the row of sugar maple trees you can see the south field and just a little bit of the newly cleared pastures in that direction.

Beach Tree in Snow

The upper pond in the foreground is our reservoir of water for our animals during the dry months in summer and mid-winter. Right now the pond is at its highest for the year with the flush of water from the spring melt off. Up above the pond and beyond the table rock you can see the more new fields. This brings us around to our equipment, stone and log storage area and finally back to the cottage.

Outdoors: 37째F/29째F 5″ Snow
Tiny Cottage: 67째F/61째F

Daily Spark: If you lose your way, go down hill. That is where you’ll find civilization. Of course some of us aren’t looking for it… -WJ

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6 Responses to April Snow Showers

  1. By it's Nature, Mother is unpredictable. Last week we were digging out the winter wear, this week we're looking for shorts.

    Great Panorama shot.

  2. Mary Ricksen says:

    Gosh I'd love to live on a farm. Love the pictures! What a good life, certainly a hard one, but mostly rewarding. I would love to retire in Vermont.
    Here in Florida it is a pleasant 76 degrees. Last week we hit 90. Mother nature is making some changes I think.
    I'll bet the snow doesn't stay long. Spring is fighting to get there.
    Have a good one Walter, you and your family.

  3. It's been a warm and early spring. Mud season was short, pleasantly so. Last Saturday, after it looked like the snow was almost gone, we also had a snow storm. In 1987 we had about a foot of snow on April 15th. On the other hand, during the 90's we had many years of snow deep into late April and even May. It varies a great deal year to year. I like the warm spring we've had this year.

  4. Anonymous says:

    IIn your before picture of the pond I think I still see snow off in the field in the distance.

  5. Walter,we've had an unusually warm, dry spring here.
    My apple trees are in full bloom & it's been spitting snow all day.

    I sure hope we don't lose this year's crop of apples :-(

    Most years our apple trees don't bloom until the first week of May.

    Wonder if we're in for a really hot summer?

  6. Jerry says:

    What beautifully ordered chaos.

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