Walls Away

Tractor Carrying a Shed Section

We disassembled the old hay shed in sections which we will use to build other hay sheds and animal shelters further up the hill. This is a building that has been moved before and who knows, it may move again…

Ben the Denailer

No photo of Will, our main man for deconstructionism, but here’s a photo of Ben, master of denailism. He’s been pulling buckets of nails out of the timbers with a little assistance from his younger sister.

Hope the Denailer

As much as possible we left the sections of walls and roof together for use in other projects but there were still many nails that needed removal.

Outdoors: 80째F/59째F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 78째F/70째F

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4 Responses to Walls Away

  1. Danna says:

    High Walter,
    I am in the process of purchasing a tractor and have come down to either a Kubota L4740-3 HST or a John Deere 4320 which is a little more expensive than I may be able to afford. :(
    Could you please email me or comment on your site what John Deere you have and the size of your forks? I need to do some comparable object moving. A faithful follower and knowledge obtainer from your sites.

  2. Danna,

    I have heard good things of Kubota and looked at them when we bought our tractor. I like our JD4700 but I've never had anything else so I don't really have a basis of comparison.

    I have cracked the transmission twice. The first time they said it was a manufacturing flaw and repaired it under warrantee. Frankly, looking at it from an engineering point of view I feel it is under designed and should have a lot more support there. Some of the newer machines have steel I beams that go front to back to provide more strength.

    Other than that I have had no problems with the JD and like it. It is small enough to spin in a tight space yet powerful enough to do what I need 99% of the time. Every once in a while I hire big machines for more major projects, like that skidder which back filled our underground electric trench on the steep hill. (Post coming soon.)

  3. Oh, the forks are standard size, I think about a yard long and adjustable width. I got them from JD. I have seen cheaper ones but they were not very rugged looking. Adjusting the for width is a bother, they stick – a bit of grease does wonders. There are bolt on or clip on forks – do not get them. They can easily bend your bucket. If you're going to use forks for significant loads then get real forks.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Yeah Hope!

    That's my kind of girl…it's a proven fact that the nails come out faster when one dresses in pink.

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