Horse Tail Clouds

Horse Tails and Ash Tree

Now that the upper fields are cleared the big ash tree above the cottage really stands out against the sky. Here it is shown off with horse tail clouds racing eastward behind it.

Herald of Rain

My father taught me that the horse tail clouds mean a change in the weather. It’s warm, dry and sunny now so they may bring rain. We’ve had a lot of rain this year so hopefully this will just be a quick light storm. We could use some long spells of dry sunny weather for getting hay in and growing the gardens.

Horse Tails Whipping

These images were from yesterday evening, just after we had finished taking down the hay shed as the sun set over the notch between Sugar Mountain and Bear Ridge up behind the north field. The low light made the sky very dramatic.

Outdoors: 74째F/57째F Some Sun, Tiny amount of Rain, Mostly Cloudy
Tiny Cottage: 75째F/67째F

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4 Responses to Horse Tail Clouds

  1. Nance says:

    Bee uuti ful clouds and blue sky. I have not heard of "horse tail" clouds before but now I'm a "believer".

  2. Cindy says:

    Here in Nova Scotia we have a saying: "Mackeral sky and mare's tails, make lofty ships lower their sails." It means you can expect strong winds. Mackeral sky is Banded altocumulus and looks like the pattern on the side of a mackeral.

  3. Great one. Here's another I learned as a child:

    Red in the morning, sailor take warning.
    Red at night, sailor's delight.

    Googling I found this explanation.

  4. yes- "mare's tails bring low sails"
    we were looking at these, too, from Peacham.

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