Shed Down!

Tractor Pulling Down Last Walls

This evening we pulled down the last walls of the hay shed where we’ll be building our big project of 2009. The little corner by the farm house kitchen remains because the electric utility mast comes down there. Will saws-alled off the walls next to the electric, keeping a goodly distance away for safety. I hooked up the logging chains to the walls and Will got the pleasure of ripping the remaining walls off the foundation using the tractor. A boy and his toys. Maximum destruction for reconstruction!

Tomorrow we’ll do more denailing and cleanup of the foundation site so we can soon pour the sub-slab. A little more progress every day.

We also got most of the 300′ of underground electric trench completed. It is now dug, de-rooted (mostly), de-stoned, raked smooth and straight. There are a few stubborn stumps that the tractor can not pull. Chain-saws don’t like dirt but with perseverance, and several re-sharpening of the old chains, even big roots give way.

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Tiny Cottage: 77째F/67째F

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5 Responses to Shed Down!

  1. Ok Jerrico Jeffries, your joyfulness about tearing down all the walls is beginning to worry me. You can BUILD things too right ?

  2. Oh, yes! What was once will rise again. The materials from this horse shed and hay shed will become new animal sheds and hay sheds further up the mountain. On this razed building foundation will rise up a more glorious, towering edifice to give pause, a portal for pigs to pass through on their way to market. :)

  3. The cycle of life: deconstruction, construction. Being able to reuse the materials is a sweet thing. The Pig Portal: another novel title.

  4. Janicet says:

    Wowwee Zowwee! You guys get all the fun! If I had done that to my parents house when I was a teen ager I can't imagine the trouble I would be in! To actually get to use all that energy in such a big project is awesome!

  5. mark a. says:

    Wish there was movie footage of this like on utube or something. Must be cool to see come down.

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