Sidewalk’s End

Cottage Granite Side Walk

One more step in the construction of our tiny cottage in the big woods. Actually, two more steps. Today I needed to remove the granite dog house from in front of the old shed to make way for the new underground electric for our big project. I had been thinking of making a walk way in front of our tiny cottage’s front step. The idea being that we would keep more dirt and sand out of the cottage if there were a smooth stone area to stomp across fee-fie-foe-fum style.

This slab of granite was 12′ long by 7′ wide by 3″ to 8″ thick. It was so heavy that the tractor was not able to lift it. I was able to drag it, very slowly, the 500′ or so up the mountain from the old house to the new cottage. Upon getting it up there, all intact, I carefully dropped it and broke it precisely the right size so that it fit in place. Or at least that is what we’re going to pretend. It does fit exactly in place. Had I not broken it it would have been too long to fit in the space between the granite step and the wood pile. My glass is definitely full.

This slab of granite is what is referred to as a skin[1, 2] which is a thin sheet of granite that has been sawn off of the rough granite stone from the quarry. You can see the drilling holes on the bottom of this skin. Those were used to split out the block from the mountain with dynamite. There have been some excellent articles in the Times Argus newspaper about the local granite industry.

Later I intend to lower the slabs slightly but that is a project for another year. I also have a long narrow bench shaped matching slab that I’m going to place beside the walk way. Little bits of progress and plans.

You’ll notice that the sunflowers have taken off. The ones in the front of the cottage get more sun every day and they’ve grown faster than the ones on the east side. All of them were started from the same seeds at the same time and have gotten the same soil, water, etc. The only difference is the hours of sun they get per day.

Can you find the dog?

Outdoors: 74째F/47째F Mostly Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 76째F/71째F

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5 Responses to Sidewalk’s End

  1. Pablo says:

    Dog: extreme lower left corner?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice piece of stone.

    Won't it get slippery when wet or icy?

  3. EJ,

    Good question. Years ago I used a piece of saw granite for a step into our little kid's pool. I had tested and found that the sawn granite had a very grippy texture when wet. This is the opposite of the quite slippery polished glass like granite pieces we also get. Thus the sidewalk will be a great grippy texture. I already tested it last night. After installing it I hosed it off to clean the dirt off and walked around on it with shoes and then bare feet. Just right!



  4. Of course I can, he is the one wearing the blue cone.

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