Hay Shed Roof Going

Hay Shed Roof

Will, Hope and Holly are working on removing the roof of the hay shed. Weaner pigs had wintered in the south end of it which is open to the atrium on the right side of the photo outside the kitchen door of the old farm house. We’re making gradual headway on this, one of our big projects for the year. In time the foundation will be revealed and we can start going upward once again.

Cottage Cheese Gone

Another thing that is almost gone is the cottage cheese. Here Will and Ben are just finishing up with the last of 15 tons of cottage cheese we had gotten this year. The piglets and growers have thrived on this high protein addition to their diet. It makes an excellent food for weaning. The breeding herd would have loved it. They got some but not as much as they would have liked. 30,000 lbs may sound like a lot but it gets eaten up quickly by the smaller pigs. The 500 to 800 lb breeder pigs have bigger jaws, stronger teeth, longer digestive tracts and are thus better able to eat hay so they don’t get much of the cottage cheese.

Outdoors: 61째F/51째F Rain 1/2″
Tiny Cottage: 70째F/64째F

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2 Responses to Hay Shed Roof Going

  1. Walter is that hay shed roof nailed down or screwed down. I have a couple of large roofs I need to take down but they are nailed down. Just looking for an easy way to remove them.

  2. It is screwed down. I anticipated wanting to take it down eventually so I used screws. Screws also hold better. They are very slightly more expensive. To get nails out you need a cats paw. Thats the name I know for the tool. Let's see… hmm… Yes, there is even a tool selling under that name that looks a little like mine. Basically a tiny crow bar. Another funny tool name. :)

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