Winnie’s Winter Piglets 2009

Winnie with Winter Suckling Piglets

Piglets have been popping out all over this past month. Yesterday showed Mouse in the south end shed. This is Winnie up in the first den on the strawberry level by the south whey trough. Like Mouse, Winnie chose the den for her own. I strung a hot wire across the entrance. She can hop over that, it’s only about 1′ off the ground, but it slows other pigs down so they hesitate to enter her domain and thus she can more easily defender her farrowing space. In the warm months the sows go off into the brush to farrow alone but that is harder to do in the winter.

Outdoors: 50°F/26°F Partially Sunny, Windy, light snows
Farm House: 42°F/36°F
Tiny Cottage: 65°F/59°F Wiring

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1 Response to Winnie’s Winter Piglets 2009

  1. ChristyACB says:

    The piglets are adorable! I’m always amazed at how such a cute and cuddly little mite becomes a huge and certainly not cuddly monster so quickly.

    How many piglets do you have already? What are you going to do with them all? Sell as feeders?

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