Yellow Convertible

Holly’s new Car(t)

For Christmas I bought Holly a new car. She had wanted a convertible. Something where she could put the top down. Something bright canary yellow. Something fast like Ben’s rocket wagon. Of course, I’m just kidding – she’s not going through a mid-life car crisis! She’s a much more practical lady.

Actually she helped me pick out this little hot rod when we saw it on sale for half price at the local farm supply store. The box claimed it can carry 1,000 lbs but I suggested we not load it with more than half that. I suspect that the manufacturers have exagerated the capacity and we have pretty rough terrain. Perhaps it can hold that much on a flat, smooth concrete floor but not being dragged over our rough hills.

We did wrap it up and the kid’s opened it on Christmas day. They had been wondering what was in that huge box. While it isn’t a Camaro it is a lot more practical and we are all certainly making good use of it lugging stuff around during chores, up and down the hill.

Outdoors: 4°F/-31°F Partially Sunny, Light snow in evening
Farm House: 48°F/34°F
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13 Responses to Yellow Convertible

  1. John Collis says:

    I got one of these carts last year for hauling food out to the hogs. The bearing went out in just a few weeks. I had them replaced and the new ones went out a few months later. We never had more than 200 to 300lbs in the carts.

    Now its mostly just yard art!

  2. Rhonda Jean says:

    What a wonderful gift! I think I’m turning a dark shade of green.

  3. john l says:

    Battery pack and motor seem very well hidden!

  4. karl says:

    we bought one of those on sale too. tabitha used it for her milking cart. i have seriously loaded that thing probably not 1000 lbs though. after 500 lbs of dairy ration it gets impossible to pull on ozarks terrain.

  5. ranch101 says:

    I used a similar cart for hauling stuff to/from the barnyard for years. Other than one of the wooden slats breaking (I wish the sides had been metal like yours), it’s given great service. I never did get around to harnessing either the sheep or the dogs to pull it, so I was the primary means of propulsion. I did manage to load it so heavily a few times that I couldn’t budge it, but I never managed to damage the cart. Here’s hoping Holly gets as good use from hers! It was one of the few farm implements to make the move to the city with us, though I don’t use it much any more.

  6. farmwife says:

    I have one of these in a lovely shade of green :)

    Be warned, those darn cotter pins that hold the sides on have a way of working loose and disappearing. Grr.

    Hope you guys are staying warm. It’s pretty bitter over on this side of the country.

  7. MMP says:

    We have a green one like that (no sides, though). Its a good cart for hauling awkward loads on. One of the uses ours gets is strapping a 30 gallon water barrel on it and using it to water our fruit trees.

    One modification I would suggest is on the upper pin that links the steering mechanism to the cart. Threading the pin and adding a lock washer or adding a washer and cotter pin would help prevent the steering mechanism from slipping off. Early on I managed to slip ours off while I was pulling a heavy load over rough terrain.

    I see, as usual, there is a 10 degree difference from our locations. I think you once mentioned something about 10 feet of elevation = 10 miles further from the equator in terms of elevation. Is that the way you remember that rule of thumb?

  8. Yep those farm stores do exagerate, we broke a wagon similar to that last summer that claimed to carry 1000 lbs. we never loaded it more than 400 yet ended up with a bent axle anyways. Hope yours lasts longer, it looks sturdier than ours was.

  9. A Bay Horse says:

    Looks sporty! You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood toting feed, wood, whatever! Or at least the envy of hungry hogs… :)

  10. Wish Santa had brought me one of those. What a luck lady!

    What gal’ wouldn’t want one of those, I asked for an ice chopper to use on the walk way or a push type sander to sand the barn yard. or a new pair of muck boots. He brought me yarn to knit with and a new ball for the horses to play with. :)

    While I have you by the ears, can you post more about your hoop house the chickens are in? Very interesting!

    Keep warm the cold is on the way again.


  11. Jake Posey says:

    I have a different brand cart, but it claims 1,000 lb capacity. I’ve probably done 700 lb max, but I’m sure it could do that max load. Cart was a present from my wife because I always complained about not having a good cart/wagon. Moved to the country and totally abuse it carrying everything. Best $120 ever spent.

  12. I’ve got the same kart.. Wonderful and sturdy. I hook it to the back of the riding mower to haul things around.

    Coming in REAL useful in the cleanup efforts of the ice storm that blew through KY a few days ago. Trees down everywhere in my yard.

  13. is it not dangerous? Well thanks for that information. I want to try that yellow convertible in snow. Keep up the good work.

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