Mystery Photo – Hexagon

Hexagon on Snow

Hmm… What magic am I up to now, building hexagons on the snow… The wagon and large dog will give you a sense of scale. Leave guesses in the comments… The answer will appear in a post next week.

By the way, if you don’t want the EPA gaining Title V regulatory control over your home, wood stove, livestock, gardens, fields, apartment, etc please go read about the EPA power grab.

Outdoors: 31°F/29°F Cloudy, Drifting snowflakes
Farm House: 59°F/55°F GH1 Pillar forms raised
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/64°F

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23 Responses to Mystery Photo – Hexagon

  1. Anonymous says:

    a corn crib?

  2. Bil says:

    Foundation for a Yurt?

  3. Joe Riederer says:

    Clearly this is pendant you’re making for the hrímþursar (frost giants from Norse mythology). My guess is that you’ll attach a logging chain so the giants can wear it around their neck.

    My second guess is it’s one segment of a geodesic dome.

    …loved the video!

    Central Wisconsin

  4. Eileen says:

    I am voting for a cordwood sauna!

  5. farmwife says:

    My guess is a greenhouse.

  6. EJ says:

    A gazebo for peaceful, family moments of gazing at piggies

    A piggie gym – but after seeing all that running around yesterday them might not need it…

    A multi-faceted, viewing room so high falutin’ visitors can see pigs without getting too close and muddy

  7. Holly says:

    What I want to know is where you were when you took that photo!? Have you been climbing around on the roof again? : )

  8. Up on the rooftop
    Click, click, click


  9. Doug Doug says:

    I know! I know! The base of a tower! A folly as they are called! Walters’ folly. But I would think you would build it higher up the mountain? Right? I have read about these kinds of tower in Ireland.

  10. Kristin says:

    Isn’t that your herb garden?

  11. I love all these creative ideas and will have to add some to my project list. I’ll have to check with the hrĂ­mĂžursar if this is its size. A gazebo and a tower are both things coming someday… The hexagon as a herb garden sounds fun.

    Keep those ideas coming because it is something completely different.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Something to do with magic? But arent those pentagons? hu.. Maybe it’s a giant beehive start. Janet

  13. Anonymous says:

    Could it be a Doggie Condo ?

  14. I’m voting for a sun house where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful views, but knowing how practical you are I think you’ll probably grow some tender herbs and plants in there too.

  15. LJB says:

    Hmmm, you all like close living quarters… maybe it’s the foundation for your family’s summer sleeping room? I’m picturing screened walls, conical roof… I would have guessed some other things like gazebo for hot tub… My dream at least! Very, very first impression was a fancy sandbox for playtime!

  16. Pumpkin man says:

    Is it the layout for pig stalls inside your new greenhouse….george

  17. Anonymous says:

    Footing for Hexayurt?

    Whatever it is I will probably want one. You have the coolest toys and projects!
    Wanna Bee farmer

  18. Here’s a neat text reversing mirror if you don’t have one handy:

  19. Okay, here’s the answer….

    Now don’t look if you haven’t made a guess yet!

    First leave a comment with your guess, then look at the answer below.

    Read it backwards…

    “.skcirt esoht fo emos esu ot dah ew raey siht rehtaew eht htiw dna ,retal skeew neve ,syad ruop a gniunitnoc ot skcirt era erehT .hguort yehw eht dnuora elddup yddum a si tluser eht tuB .drager taht ni elttac ro sesroh ,peehs naht tnereffid on era yeht ,yllufhturT .emit emas eht ta dne rehto eht tuo eep dna dne eno ni knird sgip ees uoY .dum ni peed elkna naht rehtar selit eht no klaw nac sgip eht os sknat yehw eht dnuora ecalp nac ew taht selit secudorp neht mrof nogaxeh ehT .yna si ereht fi etercnoc artxe eht pmud ot ecalp a si nogaxeh eht oS .elbissop fi tohs eno ni lla ti hsinif ot tseb si ti strats ruop eht ecnO .boj eht rof etercnoc hguone ton htiw pu dne ot dab yrev si ti esuaceb artxe %01 tuoba redro syawla ew etercnoc gniruop nehW”

    A hand mirror held up to the screen may help. :)



  20. LJB says:

    I had forgotten how easy it is for me to read backwards. No mirror needed. I stumbled over a misused word though, but not for long. When I was a teen, a small group of us called each other by our names spelled backwards. Egroeg, Yram Nelle, and her brother Mit were three of my best friends.

    Not quite such a useful application of creativity as your pour planning!

  21. And the answer is… (Don't look if you haven't guessed yet…) forms for pouring concrete tiles to place around the water and whey troughs to keep down the mud. After we do a pour of foundation work there is generally some concrete left over so these tile forms let us put that 'waste' to good use.

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