Ferret Fred Stands Up

On Saturday we had two new members join our household: Fred and Georgia (not Ginger) Ferret. They are named after two characters in the Harry Potter series. Ben and Hope have been learning all about ferrets for the past year with the goal of eventually getting a ferret of their own. They had anticipated that they would be spending $150 for the ferret alone but through a miracle of rescue they got not one but two ferrets, a small cage, a huge cage and lots of other paraphernalia from Krystal who needed to find a home for these two friendly little furry slinkys.

As part of Ben’s homeschooling he’s been researching ferrets. He has read three books on them as well as many articles on the web about the care, feeding and biology of ferrets. This year he’ll be doing his big report on his furry buddies. Hope is studying along side him as he often reads out loud to her about his findings.

Ben has written a great post with lots of pictures and observations about them on his blog. Head on over, check them out and leave him comments. He will love to hear from you!

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2 Responses to Ferrets!

  1. Had 5 of them myself one time!

  2. Anja ZG says:

    Nice post. I have 2 ferrets Yoda nad Frida

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