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I have been contemplating buying a new smaller fridge for our tiny cottage. I didn’t want to spend the money because I plan to build my own super efficient refrigerator. On the other hand, we need something until then since this year’s project plans have gotten rearranged.

This past week we fortunately found a free fridge. Our neighbor Mel was upgrading his and had put the old one out by the road for anyone to take. We saw him and stopped to chat and inquire on the wandering fridge. Now I can frugally avoid buying a temporary appliance and we still get to keep our food cold until I build one. Thanks, Mel!

So what’s happening to our old larger fridge down at the farm house? We may use it as a cooler for our fresh pastured pork for those days when we pickup the pork but can’t get it all delivered immediately. That would give us a port in the storm in case of bad weather or other scheduling conflicts.

Outdoors: 79°F/55°F Sunny
Farm House: 74°F/59°F Longson and Goldie Hawn to market + 2 gilts
Tiny Cottage: 70°F/65°F

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9 Responses to Fridge Find

  1. pablo says:

    We’ve kept old refrigerators as files for “important papers” since they are supposed to be fire proof.

    So if the average superman (you) can build a super efficient refrigerator, why aren’t the manufacturers doing it? Seems like there would be real incentive for them to do that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congrats on the fridge- it’s always good to recycle, especially when it was something you were looking for in the first place. Still being mysterious about the change in plans, I see. Can’t wait to hear the details!

  3. karl says:

    what are your plans? details? i’m still looking for the perfect dc motor so i can power the compressor with solar panels.

  4. LJB says:

    I got wondering about your mention of plans being rearranged especially after hearing from someone who saw you recently at a learning experience that appears related to some central interests you have… My lips are zipped until I see that you have gone public!

    PS. Thanks for keeping Calista’s South End Market stocked with hot dogs! They are becoming my most favorite-est fast food item!

  5. LJB, you’re right in your guess about our plans being rearranged. :)

    Glad you’re enjoying our hot dogs. We’re about to make our fifth batch. They sell out almost immediately. Originally we started making hot dogs to figure out what to do with all the good shoulder and ham. Now those are all selling and so are the hot dogs so we have to dedicate pigs to the hot dog project. Perhaps that is what makes them so good, prime pastured pork…

  6. LJB says:

    I’m getting some weird visuals when I think of dedicated hot dog pigs. *g* Probably not good to consider for a new Sugar Mountain label! (Picture those balloon animals that look like a series of hot dogs!) Gosh, I missed lunch — think I’ll go cook up some hot dogs right now.

  7. Sage WhiteOwl says:

    Enjoying all your blogs. I live in a very small house 500 sq feet.
    For me it was where it was located, on the river in the Siuslaw national forest. So your cottage intrigues me and enjoying the progress. I have come full circle and living a simple life & loving it. I do have one more dream to fulfill…to live in a YURT.
    THX again for the blogs…

  8. Lynn P says:

    I know this is quite an old post, but I am curious: I saw that Longson was sent to market here. I know why Goldie Hawn was – she farrowed and turned out to be a bad mother. But why send Longson to market? He sounded like you were happy with him as a boar.


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