Three Headed Pig!

Our sow had a three headed piglet! Alive!

Wow! This morning I went out to check on 840123999102666 and she had the strangest looking piglet. At first I thought it had two heads and then I realize there were three! The middle head had no eyes, just an independent mouth and nose. Ears only on the outer sides of the left and right heads.

Other than that there were no deformities. The body looks perfectly normal and the piglet is nursing with all three mouths. Fortunately this sow is one of our super-16’s with a full hexidecimal of teats. Otherwise there just won’t be enough for everyone.

I would post photos but my camera broke this morning. Dang – just when I needed it most! We’re going in town to do deliveries tomorrow and I’ll pickup a new camera then so I can get photos.

Update 10 am: Read here is what happens when the government finds out about something like this…

Update 2:46 pm: The vet came this afternoon to tag the piglet(s?) as I mentioned over on my other blog. Fluffy, as my younger son wants to call him after the three headed dog in the Harry Potter books, is doing fine. The vet took photos and is going to email them to me later tonight. The vet said that it may be possible to surgically correct the birth defect removing the extra two heads so that Fluffy can grow up to be a normal pig. Alternatively I have bids from NECI for making a three salad head cheese and from Barnum and Bailey Circus. He’s so unique I am not sure if I can part with them though. Still, the offers are tempting…

Update 5:01 pm: I just got the photo back from the vet of my son holding Fluffy:

This is just so amazing!

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22 Responses to Three Headed Pig!

  1. Diane says:

    I cannot believe how I fell for that!

  2. Leslie says:

    Well I’m glad Valereee is on the ball here. Me? Hook, line, and sinker. Reel me in.

  3. PV says:

    Oh you foolish guy! You had me rite up past the end!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    My first post ever to all of the blogs I read: Well done. I’m shaking my head. :)

  5. Marsaili says:

    Oh that was good. I was thinking to myself WHAT???? After reading the stuff on NONAIS, I couldn’t believe that you would register any animal—silly me didn’t even think of April fools, LOL! BTW, I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now, it’s become a favorite with the whole family and the info you give is fantastic! Thanks for all of it, even the silly stuff :-)

  6. heheeh! Thanks for the fun April Fools! You got me!

  7. Ginny says:

    Well, you got me, too! :-P

  8. Gina says:

    For crying out loud, I can’t believe I fell for that. Good one!

  9. LauraP says:

    Excellent – my favorite April Fools blog.

  10. jenidlg says:

    Its April 4th now and it still fooled me!

  11. Sam says:

    Hey! You had me right up to the end! Most excellent trick!

  12. Anonymous says:

    So cute! Can we come vist to see Fluffy?

  13. jenna says:

    Heres an interesting related two faced story!

    two faces in india

  14. HomemakerAng says:

    i have been gone a while but you GOT ME! i was telling my husband all about it and then hovered over amazing!

  15. Sue says:

    Oh my god! You got me! I was believing you! That is so good!

  16. Dawn Carroll says:

    I clicked on the Three Headed Piglet photo after reading the O’possm story. I had read this blog post a year or so ago…I wanted to share my odd piglet story for this year 2015.
    I had a sow give birth to a piglet with no head. Ears & brain bump but no eyes, nose, mouth or head structure. I thought in the dim lighting of the farrowing area that the sow maybe had eaten the head off but when I took the piglet into better light I could see that the head was simply not there. Of course the piglet was not alive after birth but other than being translucent white in color she was fully grown. The other problem was the genitalia was not fully developed.
    I put the piglet in a Ziplock and she now resides in my freezer for something to show the vet next time he comes to the farm for a visit.

    • Save that piglet. I’ve never actually had weird congenital defects like that, the three headed pig was just a joke, but once a veterinarian contacted me who collects these sorts of things.

      • Dawn Carroll says:

        Do you seriously want the piglet? Ask your vet friend if he wants it. Then find out how to preserve the piglet so it can be sent to either him or you…then I would need an address where i can send it to…
        I was just talking to my vet about the piglet today and there was a calf recently born with 8 legs & two heads in Northern Idaho. Of course this was a c-section delivery.
        And a breeder just 30 miles from me had a two headed piglet born last year. It lived for a while before dying.

        • Dawn Carroll says:

          And a few years back I did have a litter of piglets born that had cleft palates. 6 of the 12 born to that litter had this problem. I canned the sow shortly after she weaned that litter because in her first litter one of the piglets had a scrotal hernia problem. I did have a number of problems that year with non breeders, lameness issues in the free ranging pigs, accelerated growth, over weight issues…etc I decided that the soaked wheat middlings that I supplemented the pasture with might be to blame. Sure enough within the next breeding cycle the pregnancies started happening, lameness issues disappeared, and the bloated fat look disappeared as well.

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