Commercial Freezer Scored!

This week we scored a free sliding glass door topped commercial chest freezer! Yowsa! I had just been telling Holly last weekend that we needed to get one. But the cost of these units is very high. Then while picking up boiled barley at the Stone Cutter’s Brewery in Barre Vermont Holly spotted one out on the loading dock.

“What’s up with the Carvel chest freezer on the dock?”
“It is on it’s way out – Problem with the electronics.”
“Could we have it?”
“Sure, Haul it away!”
“Thanks!” and we did…

Even if I can’t fix it, which I probably can, it is still a perfect ice chest for our delivery van. Not only that, but it fits perfectly cross-wise in the back of the van. The sliding glass top doors allow us to easily get meat in and out of the freezer.

I’ve installed a temperature probe so I can monitor the freezer interior temperature and we put ice in the chest although that’s not really necessary in our climate and season. Right now it is cold out but in the summer I may want to add an insulated door above the sliding glass doors. I will also see if I can repair the chiller in which case I’ll set it up so it can run off the car’s alternator as well as being able to plug into wall power when we’re at home.

The freezer is surprisingly light, maybe 150 lbs or so. This added weight helps with traction for the van so I was able to take out some of the concrete blocks and bags I had back there to help with winter driving. Loaded up with pigs (1,500 lbs) and meat (1,000 lbs) give additional weight for traction in the snow. This is important as we live on a mountain and the butcher lives down by the river, maybe 1,600 feet lower in altitude and at the bottom of a very steep driveway.

Now our van holds six live pigs in the livestock part of the way back, six frozen pigs in the Carvel chest freezer and six people in the passenger seats! Wow!

Outdoors: 32°F/23°F 6″ Snow, High winds, White out conditions
Farm House: 53°F/47°F Day of Rest
Tiny Cottage: 59°F/50°F

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8 Responses to Commercial Freezer Scored!

  1. Jasper in Indiana says:

    Most excellent walter. You seem to score a lot of free finds. Freezers, windows, doors, food, rocks……. Tell us your secret oh guru on the mount!

    Reduce – reuse – recycle. I love to hear storys of that. Its the best!

  2. pablo says:

    I especially like the reuse aspect of your find. I’m glad it fits in the van. That almost makes it seem like it was supposed to happen.

    But where is the ice sculpture?

  3. Nancy says:

    I’ve just discovered your blog, but can find no link to subscribe. Will that be part of your set up when you move to WordPress?

    njones127 at tampabay dot rr dot com

  4. Hayden says:

    great find! (here by way of the forum homestead hogs, where I’ve enjoyed your comments and found them educational. I’m about 2-3 yrs out from having hogs, but having listened to the dialog I know I want a few!)

  5. zed says:


    Your exchange with the loading dock guy reminds me of the time I snagged a commercial Coca Cola cooler at work from the distributor. They decided the former cooler was too small so they unloaded it, installed the new one and pushed the old one out into the hall, It sat there for a couple of weeks until I asked the distributor about it. They were waiting on the recycle guy to pick it up. I asked if I could have it and he said – sure.

    I called my son-in-law and asked him to bring the pickup and appliance dolly. Funny thing was that I worked in a high-rise building with oh-so tight security. You know the kind of building where you have to wear a badge all of the time and security guards are on duty 24/7.

    Anyway, my son-in-law arrives, during normal business hours mind you, we go up the freight elevator pushing the empty dolly, load up the cooler and back down the elevator again to the first floor — unchallenged! There on the loading dock stood the security guard smoking a cigarette. He sees us coming and dutifully opens the loading dock doors! No questions asked.

    Man, maybe we shoulda taken the full cooler.

    Btw: Unrelated question. What’s the common phraseology out your way – is it coke, cola, soda or pop ?


  6. Zed, I think that soda is the most common generic form. Coke usually refers to the trademarked dark drink of the renowned secret formula new or old.

    Quite the loading dock story!

  7. Mary says:

    What a great blog! I love the philosophy of reusing – and in Vermont there seems to be no limit to the good stuff we can find! Keep up the great work telling your family’s story

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