Animal Roll Call

Two of the animals on our farm

Karl over at Pile of Omleys blog suggested a animal roll call in the comments on yesterday’s post here about Petra’s new piglets.

  • 5 boar pigs
  • 44 sow pigs
  • 13 grower pigs
  • ~50 piglets
  • 2 sheep
  • 1 rooster
  • ~30 laying hens
  • 1 goose
  • 1 pack livestock guardian dogs
  • 3 kids
  • 2 adults

So what do you have on your place? Write a post and include a link to this post. Then in the comments here leave a link here back to your list as well as leaving a link in the comments on Pile of Omleys.

Outdoors: 79°F/45°F Sunny, Breezy
Farm House: 68°F/60°F Succession planting, finished up last bits of perimeter fencing
Tiny Cottage: 77°F/71°F Still sealed up and comfy

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20 Responses to Animal Roll Call

  1. shannon says:

    I’m up for an animal roll call – I’ll work on that later today. I had a question for you though, time is of the essence (lol) Do you think I could use an elastrator to castrate a weaned piglet? In college we always used knives on the wee ones, but we may be getting two new pigs this week and I’d like to castrate the male. You can e-mail me at Thanks Walter! -Shannon

  2. I’ve done it on sheep but I’ve never tried it on a pig. I’ve read that their testicles are too tightly up to their bodies and that sure makes sense looking at them. Unlike a dog, cat, goat, sheep, cow or man the testicles of a pig are held pretty tight to their body. If you try it please do let me know how it went. Photos…

  3. cat says:

    I don’t have a blog, so i’ll leave my list here if that’s okay..:)

    1 cat
    6 hens (almost laying age)
    1 rooster
    3 kids (2 at home)
    2 adults

    we are also adding 3 pygmy goats and hope for a broody hen so we can have more chickens from our own flock..;)

    we are boring compared to everyone else..haha but we are just starting out on our tiny little 1/3 acre homestead…;)

    happy 4th!!!

  4. PV says:

    1 Gold Fish
    1 Girl Chik (Me)
    All in a littl apartment

  5. cat says:

    okay…so i just started a blog…hahah thanks for the inspiration walter! oh, and i forgot to add the fish! we have a couple dozen cichlids and 1 large catfish we are babysitting for about a year…;)

  6. Cool, Cat! Fish are great. I forgot to include the fish and corals on my list on my blog about animal roll call. Is yours a cichlid tank or a marine tank? I can’t quite tell from the photo. In some ways it looks like a one, in some the other.

  7. Heh! How interactive. So they’re cichlids. Nice big ones. Have fun with your new blog. There are worse addictions.

  8. Pete says:


    Have you ever thought of trying AI for a couple sows? Combine the best of the hog barn genetics with your good pasturing genetics and see what kind of piglets you produce? I’ve got top notch hog barn genetics, and I’m raising them on pasture. The mother (spent her first 18 months in a hog barn) is as stupid as they come, but I’m amazed to see the instincts the youngsters show. They root and wallow with the best of them!


  9. Lisa says:

    Here’s our entry:

    To think it all started because I wanted to clear some land to put in an orchard.

  10. Jon Crane, Warren Maine says:

    My roll call:

    Dexter Cattle: 1 bull, 1 cow, 2 heifers
    1 Hereford Heifer
    2 Angus feeder calves
    30 laying hens, 2 roosters
    6 bantam chickens
    22 one month old chicks (hatched via broody hens)
    1 mutt
    4 barn cats
    2 nine year old girls
    1 five year old boy
    1 husband
    1 wife
    Near future: goats and English Shepherd

    Walter, I noticed something on one of your postings about replanting squash or some other vegetable. Just curious, do your chickens get into your veggie areas much? I’ve had more problems with that this year than in the past for a couple of reasons, one being that I’m cutting back on the grain which makes them wander more (fly over their netting). The other day I observed a chicken next to me while I was planting the next succession of lettuce/spinach/radish and she would peck at weeds 3/4 of the time, and my young plants 1/4 of the time. Some of my planting seem to be a little thinner than they should be. ;-) This year is drier so there is less succulent grass/clover in the pastures. You must have some tricks regarding this… I’m going to have to put more fence in despite my tendency not to want to. ;-)

  11. Jon, we had to replant a few things that germinated poorly. It wasn’t chickens.

    In the spring we heavily clip their wings and then set them up pasturing away from the gardens. They tend to stay within a distance, maybe 200′(?) or so of their hoop house most of the time. Putting them in paddocks, clipping their wing flight feathers and then putting up netting around the gardens keeps the gardens safe. I personally would rather not clip them as I think their feathers are beautiful but it is a choice between feathers and veggies… Interestingly, I don’t clip the rooster and he has stayed in his designated area with the hens.

    June was very dry and we didn’t get all our soaker hoses out and connected early as we should have. Once we got them connected it rained. Always works. :)

  12. Woody says:

    1 eight year old girl
    1 wife,,,not to be dated
    2 dogs
    1 hen left from 25,,victims of previous entry
    3 pigs,,,daughters 4H market hog and 2 gilts
    1 barn cat

    Thanks for inspiring me to actually start a blog. I think this could become addicting.

  13. jayedee says:

    here’s my list:
    here’s my list:

    1 dad
    1 mom
    5 kids (at home)
    3 big ol dogs
    1 little ankle biter
    2 cats (that above named kids don’t think i know about)
    6 californian rabbit does
    1 californain rabbit buck
    7 pilgrim geese
    9 cayuga ducks
    1 ill natured senegal parrot
    about 35 welsummer pullets
    about 9 welsummer roo
    2 guineas
    1 royal palm turkeys (more eggs in the bator)
    6 partidge cochin chicks
    2 silkie chicks
    2 frizzled polish chicks (more hatching)
    lots of coturnix quail
    a few bobwhite and tennessee red quail
    aracauna eggs in the bator
    diamond quail in the bator
    10,000,000 roaches
    pigs-next year
    goats-next year

  14. jojo says:

    no idea how to link my blog. or anyone’s oh well. but i put one up on mine

  15. Podchef says:

    Here Goes:
    1 Scottish Highland/Jersey Steer
    1 Scottish Highland/Kerry Heifer
    Jersey Cow again in the future

    2 Cotswold Wethers
    1 Suffolk-cross Wether

    6 Yorkshire Growers

    1 Dorking Rooster
    8 Jersey Giant Hens
    2 Partridge Wyandott Hens
    1 Buff Orpington Rooster
    25 Buff Orpington Hens
    6 Buff-Dorkington Hens (dorking/orpington cross–great layers)
    1 Dorking-Partridge WhyNot Hen

    7 month old chicks:
    2 Buff Orpingtons
    1 Giant Jersey Dorking
    1 Partridge Rock Wyandott Hen
    1 Partridge Rock Wyandott Rooster
    5 Buff Dorkingtons

    1 Month old Chicks:
    12 Giant Jersey Dorks
    8 Dorky Partridge Whynots

    3 Rabbits
    2 Barn Cats
    1 Stray Cat
    3 Koi–At least
    1 Leonberger–10 yrd old, slightly worn
    2 English Shepherds–bitch/male

    Too many mice, mink & coons


    1 Fourteen yrs old
    2 Eleven yrs old
    2 Seven yrs old

    1 Hard Working, Highly Tolerant Wife
    1 Broken Backed, Daydreaming Chef/Farmer

  16. Tiffany says:

    My roll call is
    2 adults
    4 kids ( 10,9,8,& 7 )
    1 cat
    2 dogs
    58 rabbits
    6 chickens( laying hens)
    1 potbelly boar
    2 potbelly sows
    9 potbelly piglets varying in age from 3 weeks to 2 days
    1 turtle
    and thats it for now…
    goats later & more laying hens later

  17. Anonymous says:

    Roll Call!!
    -4 fish tanks
    -2 gerbils
    -2 parakeets
    -1 rabbit
    -3 rouen ducks
    -4 campbell ducks
    -6 cats
    -3 big dogs (2 labs, airedale)
    -1 little yipper (schnoodle)
    -2 nubian goats
    -2 pygmys
    -1 miniature horse

    …wow. how do I survive? =]

  18. Rebekah says:

    well i wil try to list all of our animals

    1 ancklebiter
    1 welcome committee member(aka:border collie dog)
    1 announcer dog (he thinks he is a guard dog, but he only barks)
    15 hitlist murderous villian (neighbor’s dogs)
    9 cats{3 outside/6 inside
    4 goldfish
    to many birds in the barn

    ok now we really start the listing
    2 bucks
    1 doe
    1 buck
    4 does
    10 does
    1 buck
    5 does

    phew that’s a lot for me
    1 twelve year old gelding
    1 two year old herd mare

    the humans underneath it all
    1 boy
    3 girls
    1 grandmother
    1 widowed mother

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